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Oct 9
Rodent Solutions posted a blog post
Bat Week is an international celebration of the many wonders of bats. Bats play vital roles in ecosystems, but they face some major threats, like disease and habitat loss.
Everyone can help bats during Bat Week (and the rest of the year, too!).
1. Go to a national park during Bat Week and help identify plant species that harm the places where bats live. You'll need a mobile device, like a smartphone or tablet, and the iNaturalist* app. You can follow the project's species guide to find the invasive plant species in your area, and the Early Detection Rapid Response team will use the data we collect to keep these dangerous plant species from taking over bats' habitat.
2. Learn about bats and spread the word. On Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, follow #BatWeek and learn cool facts about bats all over the world.
3. Get inspired by bats. Draw, sculpt, paint bats as part of the #BatWeekArt project. Use your favorite medium, whether it's colored pencils or charcoal, and submit your piece wi…
Oct 9
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A furry little culprit is causing big problems for car manufactures and, possibly more importantly, for drivers whose vehicles are being destroyed.
Now lawsuits are popping up across the country claiming rodents are responsible, eating cars from the inside out. And it's likely not covered under your warranty.
Critics say soy-wire coverings now used in many new cars are also a tasty food source attracting rodents. They're chewing through wires, and costing car owners thousands of dollars.
Alice Clark, a rat enthusiast, says her cuddly little "pets" wouldn't hurt anyone, but what they could do to the insides of your car is a different tail.
"It's edible, rats will eat pretty much anything that's edible," Clark said.
Clark feeds her rats soy. And critics say as car companies are going green, they've also turned to soy as an eco-friendly alternative to plastic for wrapping wires and car parts.
Driver Sandy Medina doesn't know how long she had furry friends living under her hood.
Aug 28
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About one-third of 1751 genes studied in the first comprehensive survey of the mouse genome are essential to life, according to research by an international collaboration including the University of California, Davis, Mouse Biology Program. Mutations of these genes cause death at the embryo stage. Many of them have counterparts in the human genome, so understanding why these genes are so vital could help prioritize human genes for study.

"This is the first comprehensive survey of its kind, and it shows that one-third of the mouse protein-coding genome is essential to life," said Kent Lloyd, professor of surgery at UC Davis and director of the Mouse Biology Program and the NIH-funded Knockout Mouse Project. "This begins to inform what may be happening in people."
The International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium, which includes UC Davis researchers, is generating and characterizing "knockout" mutations for all of the protein-coding genes in the mouse genome. The consortium aims to discov…
Jun 29
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Instead of building a better mouse trap, Georgia Institute of Technology researchers have built a better mouse cage. They've created a system called EnerCage (Energized Cage) for scientific experiments on awake, freely behaving small animals. It wirelessly powers electronic devices and sensors traditionally used during rodent research experiments, but without the use of interconnect wires or bulky batteries. Their goal is to create as natural an environment within the cage as possible for mice and rats in order for scientists to obtain consistent and reliable results. The EnerCage system also uses Microsoft's Kinect video game technology to track the animals and recognize their activities, automating a process that typically requires researchers to stand and directly observe the rodents or watch countless hours of recorded footage to determine how they react to experiments.

The wirelessly energized cage system was presented this month at the International Conference of the IEEE Engin…
Jun 28
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Jun 27
Rodent Solutions posted a blog post
The City of Cape Town on Wednesday warned of the dangers of using pesticides in the home following the conclusion of an investigation into the death of a 10-year-old boy in Khayelitsha who died after ingesting rat poison.
The City of Cape Town's Health Directorate called on residents to exercise extreme caution and read labels carefully when using store-bought pesticides.
The warning came following the conclusion of an investigation into the death of a 10-month-old baby boy who died as a result of ingesting rat poison in Khayelitsha.
The City Health's Environmental Health section is mandated to investigate all pesticide/chemical incidents.
According to the City, it is understood that the child was playing inside his home when he came into contact with the poison pellets which had been set out on a side-plate, hidden behind a cupboard.
Apparently the poison had been put out for rats, but the residents had forgotten about it. The baby's caregiver took him to the local hospital after he…
Jun 25
Rodent Solutions posted a blog post
Jun 25
Rodent Solutions posted a blog post
Rodent-Proofing Your Premises
Everyone strives for a Rodent-free home.
Rodent-proofing your home, apartment, farm or other buildings involves identifying and eliminating the conditions that make it possible for rats and mice to survive - mainly their food, water and harborage. Once you know the problem areas, follow the four major steps below to reduce or eliminate these conditions.
Keeping Rodents Out of Your Home or Other Buildings
1. Remove Sources of Food & Water
Improving sanitation conditions is one of the best ways to prevent and to get rid of rodent problems. Rats and mice are opportunistic feeders that will eat any food discarded by humans. Eliminating their food and water is critical to controlling them.
Outdoors: Pick up trash and discarded food. Keep tightly sealed lids on garbage cans. Store pet and bird food in sealed containers. Get rid of standing water by filling holes or unlevel places in the yard where puddles might form or by eliminating standing water in buckets,…
Jun 20
Rodent Solutions posted a blog post
Rodents may be in your garage, attic, closets, cabinets, tool shed or yard. It’s a busy time for pest control companies and rodenticide sales. But nature can control rodent populations, if you let it. In the natural environment, there is balance. Every creature is prey to some animals and predator to others.
Raptors – owls, hawks, falcons, eagles and vultures – are rodents’ natural predators. You should not spend money on poisons and put desirable wildlife, pets and children at risk of accidental poisoning. Let the birds of prey naturally remove rodents for you.
Most raptors use the same nest for many years and some even pass from one generation to the next. Bald eagles are known to have used the same nest as long as 35 years. That makes them an excellent long-term control for rodent populations in the immediate area.
During breeding season, a family of five owls can eat as many as 3,000 rodents! Remember that poisoned rodents can poison the predators, scavengers and pets that eat the…
Jun 19
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Much of human health hinges on how well the body manufactures and uses energy. For reasons that remain unclear, cells' ability to produce energy declines with age, prompting scientists to suspect that the steady loss of efficiency in the body's energy supply chain is a key driver of the aging process.

Now, scientists at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have shown that supplementing healthy mice with a natural compound called NMN can compensate for this loss of energy production, reducing typical signs of aging such as gradual weight gain, loss of insulin sensitivity and declines in physical activity.
"We have shown a way to slow the physiologic decline that we see in aging mice," said Shin-ichiro Imai, MD, PhD, a professor of developmental biology and of medicine. "This means older mice have metabolism and energy levels resembling that of younger mice. Since human cells rely on this same energy production process, we are hopeful this will translate into a metho…
Jun 18
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While we should all feel blessed to be surrounded by raccoons, dogs and bats that make our fauna diversity more interesting and exciting, these animals can also be a potential source of rabies, a completely preventable disease that can turn 100 percent fatal when not treated immediately.
Compared with third world countries, nations like the United States fare better when it comes to fighting rabies. That doesn't mean, however, it no longer exists. Early this year, some bats found in Irvine Regional Park in California tested positive for the rabies virus.
What Is Rabies?
Rabies is a viral disease that can be passed on between animals and between animals and humans through saliva. In very rare cases, rabies is spread through corneal transplant.
This means that humans can acquire the virus if they have been bitten or their open wounds or cracked skin is licked by a rabid animal. Humans can also develop rabies if they've been scratched by claws covered with saliva. It cannot be transmitte…
Jun 17
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This larger female raccoon had a lot to say after being we humanely trapped her overnight. She was caught in NW Bradenton. She was humanely relocated.
Jun 14
Rodent Solutions posted a blog post
Almost all homeowners know the feeling of unease that accompanies finding mice or rodents in your home. Whether in the kitchen, attic, basement or dining room - a rodent sighting can incite surprise and fear in even the most composed homeowner. Unfortunately, these common pests are resourceful creatures that can enter a building or home through the smallest opening or crack, and require very little space to travel inside. Mice can easily fit through spaces as small as a nickel!
Rodents seek shelter indoors, especially during the cooler fall and winter months, and once inside can cause more than just an unpleasant infestation. Rodents put homes at risk for electrical fires by gnawing through wires. More frequently, though, rodents serve as vectors, carrying bacteria, such as salmonella, on their bodies and contaminating food sources, kitchen surfaces and equipment. The common white-footed deer mouse is also known to transmit the potentially fatal Hantavirus.

Simple Rodent Control Tips…
Jun 12
Rodent Solutions posted a blog post
Injured or Orphaned Wildlife
Generally if you find a baby animal it is best to leave it alone. Often the animal is not orphaned, and the parent may be out getting food for the animal, or watching the baby. Never pick up baby animals and remove them from their natural environment!  To report an injured or orphaned wild animal, contact any of the FWC's 5 regional offices for a list of wildlife rehabilitators or consult one of the rehabilitators on this list.
Additional information about reporting injured manatees or sea turtles is on our website.
Nuisance Animals
Nuisance wildlife is wildlife that...

causes (or is about to cause) property damage,
presents a threat to public safety, or
causes an annoyance within, under or upon a building.

Human activities can attract certain wildlife species looking for an easy high-calorie meal or shelter under a convenient structure. Unfortunately this can bring them into conflict with the interests of people, and the wildlife can be considered to be…
Jun 11
Rodent Solutions posted blog posts
Jun 11
Rodent Solutions posted a blog post
After a professional inspection, we didn't feel that there was evidence that the rat infestation was originating from the outside of a customer's home. We recommended a vapor test by the top leak detection company in our area Specialized Plumbing Technologies before they hired us to trap. The customer stated that her plumbing was working fine. I convinced her to trust me after a lengthy conversation and showing her diagrams. If I was telling her to spend money outside of my company, I was sure. This is what was found inside her wall. It was a completely destroyed plumbing vent pipe allowing rats from the sewer into her walls over and over. Our construction background is another thing that makes us different from our big box franchised competition and helped not waste this customer's money with never ending trapping. Make sure you always hire a rodent company with construction experience/education in their background.
Jun 9
Rodent Solutions posted blog posts
Jun 8
Rodent Solutions posted a blog post
Hey guys! The party is up here!

This raccoon made his way into a Sarasota/Bradenton area attic through a roof joint.  The customer snapped this picture and sent it to us before we arrived.  The raccoon chose to make his way out of the attic temporarily through the soffit and ended up taking a dip in the customers pool before leaving through an open screen door.  We later were able to catch him and relocated him so he would no longer feel the need to invade their space.
Jun 7
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Forget soulmates. Male prairie voles have no idea who they’re raising kids with—at least, not until they mate.

Sex can change a lot about a relationship. For male prairie voles, it can even change their brains.

Prairie voles, small, furry rodents native to North America, are one of the few mammals that form (mostly) monogamous partnerships. Many share homes and parenting duties, preferring to snuggle with their partners over any other vole.

So you might think that a little rodent romance would go into choosing these special life partners—but at least on the male’s end, this doesn’t seem to be true.

Before male prairie voles put a ring on it, they can't tell one single lady from another, according to a new study in the October issue of Animal Behavior.

But after forming a bond, the males show a significant preference for their partner, and somehow learn to recognize the distinct smells, appearances, and potentially behaviors of individual single females.

The skill may help t…
Jun 5

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