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Birds Pest Control

Birds are vertebrate animals that are beautiful to watch in the wild, but can be a nuisance in an urban setting. Unfortunately, pest bird infestations are more common in Florida than other people expect, and some pest birds may cause significant problems as they migrate.

Swarms of some bird species can spread diseases and cause lots of problems in people’s homes and properties. The pigeon is the most notorious bird that infests many households and businesses in the country. Aside from pigeons, some of the most common pest birds in Florida are:

  • Crows

  • Seagulls

  • Swallows

  • Turkey Vultures

  • Woodpeckers

two pigeons standing - Birds Pest Control

Yes, especially pigeons.

Birds can carry up to 60 diseases that are transmissible to both humans and animals, including toxoplasmosis, salmonella, and cryptococcosis. They are also hosts to numerous parasites, such as ticks, fleas, mites, lice, and more, which can contaminate your food and cause food poisoning. Moreover, bird droppings can cause structural damage to buildings and even vehicles. In large quantities, these droppings are also a safety hazard to people that might step on them. Bird nests may also clog pipes and cause wiring problems for buildings.

Birds, like many other pests, are always on the lookout for a safe place to raise their eggs. Unfortunately, most human residences and buildings provide an ideal setting for them to settle down and have a family. Food and water sources are essential for birds’ survival, as well as their ability to support their family, so if you have standing water around your home or leave your trash bins open, birds are likely to infest your home. Call Rodent Solutions today to receive lasting bird solutions.

There are several types of food that pest birds may feast on, and while they prefer grains, pigeons will eat everything they find. Pest birds frequently gather in areas where humans provide food. In urban regions, they may gather in public parks, whereas in rural ones they gather around farms, grain mills, and food processing facilities. Having a bird problem is more likely if you live or work in one of these regions.

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