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Are nuisance birds infesting your commercial facility or residential home? Don't let these feathered pests contaminate your business or home. Let Bird Solutions protect you from bird infestations!

Bird Control is an EXTREMELY specialized field! Bird Solutions Inc are the multi-certified, nuisance bird control specialists that you can depend on for all bird control needs!


How Does Our Bird Control Process Work?

  1. Listening & understanding our customer's concerns is always first! We want to know what you perceive as the problem before we start making control recommendations.
  2. Identify the bird causing the issue and measure the "pressure", or intensity of the bird infestation. Any pictures of the offending birds you may have could always be helpful if they are not present during our inspection.
  3. We ask questions based on the situation- Examples: Is there a deadline to get the issue under control? Has there been an employee complaint about an unsafe working environment because of bird droppings? Has the Health Department or OSHA cited you? Are there aesthetic restrictions or preferences for our bird control methods? If residential, are their HOA restrictions that may limit our control methods? Are there budget restrictions? Often times there are several ways to handle the issue depending on the answer to some of these questions. Budgetary issues for larger commercial jobs can help us put together a plan in steps depending on the situation. We will determine if the site needs to be cleaned/decontaminated before or after the bird control methods are put in place.
  4. Document the area with pictures. Gather all information & measurements needed to provide you with an accurate proposal, time frame & plan to meet your needs.
  5. Provide a written estimate.
  6. As soon as we have a signed contract & down payment, we begin the work! Bird control is an extremely specialized field with many unique materials for each application. We keep many common materials in stock. However, often materials will need to be ordered. Because we are Certified Installers with the two biggest Bird Control Suppliers in America, we have quick access to their East Coast Representatives to get your materials here quickly.

Commercial Bird Control:

At Bird Solutions we specialize in bird control & bird removal for large commercial facilities such as chemical plants, food processing facilities, government buildings, storefront signage, rooftop bird control, hospitals, restaurants, airports, under canopies & many other types of businesses. We have all the specialized equipment to safely cleanup & decontaminate bird droppings from the inside & outside of your commercial facility. All of our Bird Solutions are designed to be humane & "bird safe". Our bird control methods do not harm birds, but simply control their access & move them away.


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Coverage Areas-Commercial - Bird Solutions currently covers Manatee, Sarasota, Charlotte, Hillsborough, Pasco, Pinellas and Polk Counties for larger commercial bird control projects.





Residential Bird Control:

Bird Solutions can help with your residential bird control issues! Just because we specialize in big projects does not mean we can't help with residential issues too. Many of the bird control methods & products are the same, just on a smaller scale. All of our Bird Solutions are designed to be humane & "bird safe". Our solutions do not harm birds, but simply control their habits by moving them away.


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Coverage Areas- Residential- Bird Solutions currently covers Bradenton, Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, Ellenton, Anna Maria Island, Longboat Key, Siesta Key, Palmetto, Parrish, Apollo Beach, Osprey, Venice and North Port for your residential bird solutions.





Why Use Bird Solutions?

We currently carry three specialized Bird Control Certifications that helps us stand out from others in our field.

Bird services in Florida, Bird Solutions

Bird Solutions is a NWCOA* Certified Urban Bird Management Operator

Bird services in Florida, Bird Solutions

Bird Solutions is a Bird Barrier Certified Installer

Bird services in Florida, Bird Solutions

Bird Solutions is a Bird-B-Gone Authorized Installer

*NWCOA- (National Wildlife Control Operators Association) is a nonprofit national trade association representing the wildlife control industry dedicated to providing training & education promoting competence, service and integrity within the wildlife damage management industry.

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Why Bird Control?

Why Should I Be Concerned About Bird Control at my business or residence?

With Bird Solutions On Your Side These Bird Infestations Will Not Continue!

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What Birds Do We Handle?

What Birds & Services Don't You Handle?

  1. Bird Solutions does not handle any birds that are not listed above. Common birds that we get questioned about that we do not or cannot handle are owls, falcons, pelicans, hawks, chimney swifts, eagles, hummingbirds and peacocks.
  2. Employees of Bird Solutions are not veterinarians or trained bird rehabbers. We are not trained to help injured birds, birds that are tangled in nets, fishing lines or birds in distress. We recommend calling your local Fish and Wildlife Commission office for help with these issues.
  3. We do not use poison as bird control or for nuisance birds.
  4. We do not use restricted use chemical frightening agents such as Avitrol or OvoControl in our bird control methods.
  5. We do not believe in using Audio Repellents for a Nuisance Bird Control. Often times Audio Repellents will work at first giving you a false sense of accomplishment, only to have the pest birds return leaving you with an expensive noise maker.