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4 Reasons You Could Have a Rat and Mouse Problem in Your Parrish Home in 2023

All homeowners could have a rat and mouse problem in Parrish. They are everywhere, and every home can have a problem with them. Unfortunately for homeowners, the building code in Florida does not require homes to be built rat or mouse-proof.   When and if you have a problem, there is the risk of having a large infestation, as they are prolific breeders.  There is also the danger of potential health risks spread by rats to you and your family. This is why having a company like Rodent Solutions on your side is important. Here are the top four reasons you could have a rat and mouse problem in your Parrish home

Rat and Mouse Problem
By James Knight, Owner of Rodent Solutions

Reasons for a Rat or Mouse Infestation 

    1. No matter how clean you think your home is, it is inviting to rodents. They are scavengers, and it is as simple as leaving behind little bits of food for them to find. You could even have outdoor pets. If you leave food or water for them, this is the perfect source for rats and mice.  Move them inside instead. Leaving out bird feeders is another great way to invite them to your home. 
    2. You could also have a rat and mouse problem because they always seek shelter. This is because they’re seeking out a place to nest. They have very sharp teeth that keep growing, making it easy to chew through many things, such as wood, plastics, and wires. Rodents can squeeze into the smallest nooks and crannies. 
    3. Debris around the exterior of your home is enticing for rats and mice to nest in. This can include wood piles, canoes or kayaks, piles of trash, or lawn clippings. Shrubs or plants close to the exterior of the home or palm trees hovering over the house are perfect for them too.
    4. Factors out of our control, such as temperature changes, fluctuation in noise, predators, and general outdoor changes that will force them into looking for a new home can force them into your home. The need for rat extermination in Parrish is increasing as it is growing as fast as any community in Manatee County.  Many animals, rodents included, are displaced as new construction is happening everywhere.  Rats and mice will need to find a new home somewhere.  

All things considered, having a reliable rodent control company on your side is the best way to keep rodents out of your home. At Rodent Solutions our rodent exterminators are trained to identify areas of rodent activity and possible entry ways so that they can establish a plan for a rodent exclusion that guarantees the best results.  If have a rat problem in your Parrish home, contact Rodent Solutions for rodent and pest control service.  We were awarded Nextdoor’s Favorite Pest Control Company in 2021 & 2022 and have a 5-Star Google rating.  Let us show you why.  



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