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Florida’s 13 Species of Bats Are Getting Closer to Their Protected Maternity Season

The protected maternity season for bats in Florida is drawing near.  So we thought why not provide an refresher update on bats?!  

A Few Myths About Bats

Bats are not flying rodents.  They are part of the order Chiroptera, which means “hand wing”.  Bats are mammals, and the only ones that can actually fly at that.  Another myth, bats are not blind.  Bats have very small eyes with extremely sensitive vision that helps them see in situations which humans might consider to be pitch black. Many people also assume because bats are nocturnal mammals, they don’t see well during the day, however they are very capable of using their eyes in daylight.  They are actually no bats which are naturally blind.  One final myth, they have never been spotted swarming away from a blood-drained human corpse as show in many old horror films.

Bats Are Valued in Florida

Despite their associations with witchcraft, Count Dracula and disease, Florida’s 13 species of bat are highly valued creatures, consuming vast quantities of moths, mosquitoes and agricultural pests as they fly unseen across the night sky. They are also pollinators.  They are particularly important to agave, as they are the only known pollinator for it.  At this upcoming time of year, however, bats constantly need our help.

Bats Protected Maternity Season

Maternity Season For Bats

Maternity season for bats officially runs from April 15 to Aug. 14, when seasonal restrictions take effect against installing bat-exclusion barriers on houses and commercial buildings. During this time, female bats give birth and nurse their single pup. A bat exclusion device – which allows bats to leave but not re-enter – would allow the mother to go out and forage but prevent her from returning to care for her pup.

Explaining The Bat’s Protected Status To Customers

James Knight, Owner of Rodent Solutions Inc. in Lakewood Ranch, Florida says his customers are shocked when told they have to wait to get rid of problem bats, which can infest houses and deposit guano and urine around their new home.  Their routine response is, “But it’s my house and I don’t want them living here.  What about my rights?”. I explain to them that bats only give birth to one baby a year, and if you put up an exclusion net the baby’s going to starve to death.  Ultimately, bats are protected completely during this time of the year and I can’t do anything about it.

Several species of bats live in Florida, from the highly endangered Florida bonneted bat, which may be down to a few hundred individuals, to the abundant Brazilian free-tailed bat, which establishes colonies in houses and under bridges that can run into the thousands.

One reason bats make their homes in houses is that they have lost their natural habitat of trees and caves to urban development, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Bats are associated with scary stuff, but they’re just animals trying to make a living and survive.  Most Florida bats are small. The tricolored bat, named for its multicolored hairs, is just two inches long and weighs half an ounce. 

Bats Will Sing To You

Bats suffer from something of an image problem, much because of how they are portrayed in movies. But not only do they consume harmful insects, but they also sing.  A research assistant professor at Florida International University, has recorded bat songs, not just the eerie cheeping you hear in the movies. They go fast and occur at a high frequency, so for the human ear the songs may just seem like buzzing, but when recorded and slowed down, you can hear songs of complexity and organization.  Bats make all kinds of sounds. They actually sing like birds.

Who Do You Call If You Have A Bats In Your Home or Business

If you are having an issue with Bats in the BradentonSarasota, Lakewood Ranch, or Parrish areas, contact a professional bat removal company to help.  The friendly team at Rodent Solutions Inc have all passed their Bat Standard Certification test from the National Wildlife Control Operators Association and are well trained how to humanely remove bats from your home or commercial facility.  Rodent Solutions is a 5-Star Google Rated company and we would love to help with your bat removal.   



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