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Bradenton Property Owners’ Complete Guide To Effective Rat Control

Rats can create all kinds of chaos when they move into your property, including causing damages and spreading disease. If you want to know the best way to get rid of rats fast, you should be reading on to learn what attracts rats to your house and the most humane way to get rid of rats. Here is your guide to effective rat control in Bradenton.

Rat - Effective guide to rat control

The Types Of Rats That Invade Bradenton Properties

Several types of rats live in the Bradenton area that you may commonly see on your property. All of these types of rats can create a significant infestation and cause many problems around your home or yard.

  • Roof Rats: Roof rats can grow up to ten inches, and their coat of fur is generally black or very dark brown.
  • Norway Rats: This rat can grow up to nine inches in length, excluding its tail, and has a brownish coat.
  • Wood Rats: This rat is small with a greyish to brown colored coat. They are also known as packrats.

The Damage And Dangers Rats Cause To Bradenton Properties

Any rat problem on your Bradenton property can cause a significant number of issues. To start with, all rats have the urge to chew and gnaw constantly. This results in them damaging the internal structures of your home, as they can chew through virtually any material, including wood, cement, cinder block, brick, and most fabrics. Further soiling can occur when rats leave behind their droppings on your property, creating both damage and a health risk.

The diseases rats carry are another factor of concern. These illnesses include hantavirus, tularemia, plague, and salmonella. You may contract the diseases rats carry through direct contact with a rat, by eating contaminated food, or by contact with any of the droppings that rats leave behind.

It is crucial to get rid of rats in your home to avoid these negative consequences.

Simple Ways To Discourage Rats From Your Bradenton Property

A simple, humane way to get rid of rats is to understand what attracts rats to your house and yard. This will allow you to reduce these factors and deter an infestation from starting in the first place.

  • Rats are attracted to easy food sources. Make sure to seal leftover food up properly and dispose of all waste correctly. Use tightly sealable trash cans and trash bags. Clean up all food and drink spills promptly and avoid leaving dirty dishes.
  • Fix up leaks and address moisture issues around your property, as pools of water can easily attract rats and other pests. Ensure there is proper ventilation in your home to prevent damp areas.
  • Clean up clutter around your home and in your yard. Remove yard debris, reduce access to outdoor pet food, and keep grass trimmed low. This will minimize rat hiding spots.
  • Seal up any potential rat entry points around your home, as rats love to infiltrate spaces for shelter. Cover up gaps in the foundation, windows, and doors with screening or steel wool.

The Trick To Getting Rid Of Rats On Your Bradenton Property For Good!

Use this effective guide to rat control but the best way to get rid of rats fast is to invest in the help of the professionals at Rodent Solutions. The experts are highly-trained in rodent removal and can help you get rid of rats, no matter the infestation size. Contact Rodent Solutions today for more rat removal advice or assistance.



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