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Florida Bat Maternity Season Begins; Touching Roosts Illegal

It’s illegal for Floridians to remove any bats roosting in their homes beginning April 15 because the protected bat maternity season begins. Bats start having their pups this month, and the State of Florida says you cannot touch those any bats in those roosts for the next four months. This is particularly important in the Southwest Florida region, and the area including Rodent Solutions’ coverage area of Bradenton, Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, and Parrish because it limits how much we can help our customers. 

Florida Bat Maternity Season Begins

Why Are Bats Protected in Florida?

Removing roosting bats this time of year would mean you would be preventing a mother bat from being able to return to her babies.  This would mean her babies would starve to death in the roost.  Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is very strict about this.  They especially do not want people touching roosts in Southwest Florida as we are in the territory of the Florida bonneted bat, which is a federally endangered species. It’s particularly important in Florida to follow those guidelines because there could be a federally endangered bat inside some of these structures.  

Many nature-friendly neighbors help to enforce this policy because they tend to watch each other for signs of illegal bat removal activity.   Wildlife control companies typically are very good about complying as they know the wrath that can be imposed by law enforcement and our governing body.  Homeowners and maintenance crews are another story as they often are not aware of the law. Florida’s bat maternity season runs from April 15th-August 14th.

If you need help getting bats removed before or after the protected bat maternity, call us at Rodent Solutions.  We can help with all your pest control needs, whether bats, rats, ants, squirrels, or moles, we are here for you.  Our technicians have been certified by the National Wildlife Control Operators Association in bats, rodents, birds, and zoonotic diseases.  Our pest control technicians are also graduates of the University of Florida’s Pest Management University.   Contact us today.  



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