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How Long Does Professional Bat Removal Take?

Humane bat removal has many different factors that can come into play.  Bat removal in Florida can only be performed during certain times of the year because bats are protected during their maternity season when flightless young are most commonly found.  Bat removal services can only be performed between August 15- April 14.  If you’re looking for a bat removal company, bat services can only be provided during this time.

The length of time it takes to remove bats from your home or business humanely depends on many factors.

These include:

– The type & size of the structure

– The number of bats found

– The complexity of the area where the bats are roosting at 

– If flightless young bats are found

– The skills of the company performing the bat removal

professional bat removal

In most cases, once a bat exclusion device is installed, it takes 5-7 days to remove most bat infestations.  We will then return to remove the exclusion devices and exclude (seal) the areas the bats used as entry points so they cannot return. When bats enter the soffit, attic, or roof of the home, they can make their way through the house into smaller cavities of walls and ceilings. This leaves guano (bat feces) as they travel. This can make the removal of the bats more difficult & lengthy.  Once they have traveled throughout the home, the process can take a little longer than usual.  We always need to locate the bats when we start to ensure they have exited before we seal the exit location.

Extremely large bat populations of bats in a home are not as common in Florida as in other areas of the US. However, the larger the colony of bats, it stands to reason that the removal process can take a little longer also.  Most populations in residential homes in our area do not exceed a few hundred bats.  Commercial bat removal projects are sometimes left to become much more significant problems before it is made a priority to call in a bat professional.  This only compounds the problem as the bat colony grows with each passing season.

how long does professional bat removal take

The issue with the pups (juvenile bats) is that they need to be able to fly to leave the roost.  If we were to remove the mother or seal the exit and she could not return, the bats would be left to die.  The killing of juvenile bats hampers the recovery efforts of the bat population in Florida.  It is also against the law.  This rarely comes into play because the young are mature enough to fly by the time the protected dates expire each year.   

Bat removal isn’t something that can be rushed.  Safe, humane bat removal isn’t something every pest control company has the skills or knowledge to perform, even if their license allows it.  You never want to attempt to remove bats by yourself.  Bats can carry a wide variety of nasty health risks such as histoplasmosis and rabies.  As with any profession, we have spent years perfecting our craft and gaining knowledge from educational groups designed to raise the professionalism of our industry.  One such group is the NWCOA (National Wildlife Control Operators Association).  Our technicians have all passed the training to become NWCOA Bat Standard Certified in an effort to go above and beyond the requirements of the State of Florida.  This training and our years of bat removal experience help us to remove bats quickly, safely, and humanely.       

Contact Rodent Solutions for safe, legal, and thorough bat removal services in Bradenton, Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, Parrish and surrounding areas.



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