How Mice Get Into Bradenton Homes & How To Keep Them Out

If you were to guess which pests in Bradenton and Sarasota, Florida are the most common, you might imagine answers such as flies, spiders, or ants. And, while these are all prevalent pests in the area, one of the most frequent of all are actually mice. While it’s easy to forget about rodents, they are impossible to ignore once they invade your home because of the many issues they can cause.

The common house mouse often gets inside Bradenton homes because they provide the three things all animals need: shelter, food, and water. Because of this, they easily adapt to living in rural, suburban, and urban dwellings, which is no good for us as humans.

Dangers Of Mouse Infestations

Mice can spread many illnesses, including salmonella, and they also often carry parasites like ticks and fleas. Then, these ticks and fleas can spread more diseases like the Bubonic plague or Lyme disease. Along with this, the fur, feces, and urine of mice can cause respiratory issues. And, if the health risks weren’t concerning enough, mice can also cause property damage as they chew through plumbing, wiring, furniture, and much more. Not to mention they spread their feces and urine throughout your home, creating a mess that can become extremely problematic. Because mice are so prevalent, this guide details the pest control steps you can take to keep them out.

What Do House Mice Look Like?

The common house mouse is only about six inches long including the tail. They have brown-grey fur and tan underbellies, and have large eyes and whiskers. They have pointed faces, large ears in proportion to their bodies, and long and thin tails.

Why Mice Are Attracted To Homes

Mice are pretty simple to understand when thinking in terms of their general needs for food and shelter. They are especially attracted to homes with excess humidity and easy access to all kinds of food items, including pet food and crumbs.

While these underlying factors attract mice and draw them in, these rodents also need a way to be able to get into the house. Overall, this isn’t that difficult for them. Mice can fit through holes the size of a dime, so they can find tiny cracks and openings that humans don’t even notice. Also, mice can chew through so many materials that it’s difficult to completely remove all entry points.

Five House Mouse Prevention Measures

Mice are undoubtedly one of the more challenging pests to keep out, but this doesn’t mean there aren’t any tools for homeowners to use. There are still some steps you can take to make your home less appealing to these rodents and help deter them from crawling inside.

Here are five steps you should implement around your property:

1. Proper trash storage is key. This means placing lids on all garbage cans and removing trash from your yard.

2. Focus on keeping kitchen spaces cleaned throughout the week. Wipe up food and drink spills right after they happen and keep floors mopped.

3. You can make it harder for mice to get inside by sealing up cracks and holes using steel wool or wire mesh, materials that mice can’t chew through.

4. If you have pets, store their food inside in a sealed container.

5. To keep moisture levels in your house down, use dehumidifiers and check that you don’t have any leaky plumbing.

Limiting access points and reducing attracting factors are important steps in minimizing your risk of a mouse infestation.

Getting Rid Of Mouse Infestations

Once mice are already inside a home, trying to remove them is a monumental task. They can hide in so many places and reproduce so quickly that things like traps and baits won’t get the entire infestation. Instead, let the experts at Rodent Solutions provide pest control services you can rely on.

We will remove these dangerous rodents in no time and keep them from becoming a problem in the future. Just contact us today to get started with our reliable rodent control service.



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