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How Much Does a Rodent Exterminator Cost?

How much does a rodent exterminator cost is one of the more commonly searched phrases about pest control.  The cost can vary significantly, but for a short answer, a rodent exterminator typically costs between $750-$2200.  I know that’s an enormous range, so we will explain why this number varies and how we calculate our charges below.  Let’s set some clarifiers to set up the details for this hypothetical case. 

How Much Does a Rodent Exterminator Cost

      1. We will consider that the question refers to permanently removing a rodent infestation from a residential home.   
      2. We will assume this will be done using a process called “rodent exclusion”.
      3. Ratsmice, and squirrels are all rodents.  In this case, we will assume the home has rats, the most common issue in our area.  If the home had mice, trapping would be similarly priced.  If the home had squirrels, we would place an excluder trap, which is a similar price, pending the situation.
      4. We will also assume that we are performing the rodent trapping after the work to prevent them has been completed.  
      5. As prices can vary regionally, this will refer to the prices we usually see being charged in our coverage areas of SarasotaLakewood RanchBradenton, and Parrish.      

    The Initial Rodent Inspection Determines How Much A Rodent Exterminator Costs:

    How Much Does a Rodent Exterminator Cost

    Once we have identified the offending rodent after an initial inspection of your attic, we will identify all potential entry points.  From here, it’s a simple math equation to determine how much your rodent extermination will cost.  Each type of entry point has a set price, which can vary pending on the situation.  We try to stick with standardized pricing for each area to create consistency and fairness for our customers.   Below is an example of areas we may find on a home. 

        • Roof Joints= 3qty

        • Plumbing Vent Stacks= 4qty 

        • AC Lines= 1qty 

        • J-Vents= 3qty

        • Soffit Repair= 2qty

        • Rat Trapping Program= 1qty

        • Rat Dropping Cleanup & enzyme treatment over the uninsulated part of the attic to allow for safe storage of personal items 

      Our rodent prevention specialists are given a price list for each type of area.  Some variations are too numerous to go into here, which can cause the prices to vary.  However, each area above would be assigned a price.  Then multiply it times the number of each of those areas, and you can come up with the final price.  The typical rodent extermination cost we usually see for a home listed above could be summarized as such:

          • If all items are opted for, the cost would be $1918

        As you can see, there are typical costs to get the rodents exterminated, and optional services can be added.  Those optional services are not required to exterminate the rodents from your home.  Don’t let any company sell you a “pheromone” or enzyme treatment as a “have-to-have” service to prevent the rodents from returning.  That’s a lie.  Proper rodent exclusion and trapping is the service you need.     

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        Variables On Pricing for Rodent Extermination

        Many factors can impact how much a rodent exterminator costs.  Below are some of the most common ones.

            • The quality of the rodent exclusion:  The best rodent exterminators near you know their worth.  They have years invested in their training and honing their skills.  Many pest control companies use rodents as an add-on service and will sell you a cheap, ineffective rodent exclusion.  We strive to make our work blend in with your home as much as possible.  No yellow spray foam or cheap materials.  We use metal and other high-quality rodent-proof products.  A company that is simply going to use spray foam or cram some mortar in a few holes will charge less money because it takes little skill to perform these ineffective services.  That lack of quality will generally lower the price of other cheaply performed work.  If you’re looking for the cheapest price, typically followed by cheap work, Rodent Solutions probably isn’t the company for you.

            • Type of rodent:  Because the word rodent encompasses three different types of animals, trapping will be different.  Mice typically require more traps than rats.  This is because mice don’t travel as far for food and need less to survive.   Squirrels, on the other hand, will not come to traditional rat traps.  They also will not typically go to live traps inside of an attic.  We must use a one-way door at the entry/exit point.  This allows the squirrel to leave but not make their way back into the attic.  Once the squirrel and their friends have left the attic, we will return and remove the trap from where it was installed and rodent-proofed.   Trapping of each animal can vary based on the situation for each. 

            • Size of the Infestation:  Although it happens, the size of the infestation in our area rarely applies in a residential setting where the issue is rats and mice.  This is because we are so effective at excluding and preventing them; we only deal with the ones we trap inside the house or attic when we seal them.  They are normally all caught within a few days.  Squirrels aren’t trapped because they can exit through a one-way door we install.  It is rare to see two adult gray squirrels in an attic.  Seeing more than two gray squirrels in an attic is almost unheard of.  

            •  Location of Areas to Be Excluded:  If you have openings in a multi-story home where tall ladders or a lift must be used, you can expect to pay more.  The safety required and the extra time it takes to perform the work from heights will typically cause the price to go up.

            • Previous Failed Exclusion Work:  If your home has previous work performed to get rid of rodents, many times, the poorly installed work has to be removed.  We find this frequently with homes where the previous company used spray foam.  We have seen all kinds of subpar work, including some that caused roof leaks.      

          Education and Experience

          If hiring a company for your rodent extermination that has the desire to be the best at their job is what you’re looking for, Rodent Solutions is your company.  We take pride in our work and value each customer.  If you would like to know how much if would cost for us to exterminate the rodents at your home, call today to set up and appointment.  If you want to read more about Rodent Solutions, check out the link below.

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