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How To Get Rid Of Rodents On Your Bradenton Property

If there’s one thing that rodents do well, it’s cause problems for property owners in Bradenton. Rodents are incredibly destructive, gnawing through wood, plastic and foam banding. It’s not unheard of for rodents to cause electrical fires as a result of chewing through wiring.  These dastardly pests can cause destruction, spread disease, and cause plenty of undue stress. Eliminating rodents isn’t easy, but you can get rid of the rodents on your Bradenton property by following some simple tips.

Rodent - How to get rid of rodents

Common Rodents In Bradenton

Rats and mice are some of the most common and most troublesome pests in Bradenton. There are a few main types of rodents in the area that are likely to infest your property.

  • Roof rats: Also known as “black rats” or sometimes “fruit rats,” these rodents usually measure between 6 and 8 inches long and are black or dark brown in color. Roof rats tend to live in small colonies and prefer to live in elevated areas.
  • Norway rats: These rodents usually go by “city rat” or “sewer rat,” and can grow to 10 inches or larger. Norway rats have brownish fur with a lighter-colored underside and a long, scaly tail.
  • House mice: House mice can grow up to 4 inches in length and are often gray in color. They can be distinguished from rats by their smaller, rounder appearance.
  • Grey Squirrel: Believe it or not, the cute bushy tailed grey squirrel is a rodent.  The grey squirrel tends to enjoy living side by side with humans.   

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Health Risks & Diseases From Rodents

Rodents can contaminate homes and businesses with their droppings and urine, spreading diseases like salmonellosis, hantavirus, and more. They are also likely to spread parasites such as fleas and ticks to your property.  Their urine is also well known to makes the symptoms of asthma and allergies worse. 

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Why You Have Rodents

Rats and mice have come to depend on humans for food and shelter. They are motivated by food and are eager to raid trash cans, store rooms, and cupboards in search of snacks. If you have lots of food waste, you could be attracting rodents to your property.

Damage to the exterior of the property is the main cause for rodents infesting homes and businesses. They can slip under doors and windows and wriggle through cracks in the foundation. Most rats only need a quarter-sized hole to squeeze into your home or business, while mice only need about a nickel-sized hole.

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How To Get Rid Of Rodents

Rodents aren’t easy to get rid of. They breed quickly and infest locations that the average person can’t access. DIY rodent control usually fails since rats are clever enough to avoid many store-bought baits and traps. A rodent population can boom if left untreated, and even if a few rodents are eliminated, more can return without the proper adjustments.

The safest, most effective way to deal with rodent problems in Bradenton is with a rodent exclusion from Rodent Solutions. Our 5-Step Plan is designed to get rid of any rodents on your property, decontaminate the affected area, and prevent future infestations from occurring. All of our work comes guaranteed.

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How To Prevent Rodents

While getting rid of rodents can be tough, preventing these pests doesn’t have to be. You can help to prevent rodent infestations on your Bradenton property with these simple tips.

  • Seal entrance points. Stuff any holes on the exterior of your property with steel wool and patch any larger openings with metal mesh.
  • Clean regularly. Clean up any food or beverage spills as they occur. Wipe down countertops and floors to reduce food debris that attracts rodents.
  • Take out the trash. Prevent garbage from piling up indoors. Keep garbage cans at least 20 feet away from the property. Always keep your receptacles covered and try switching to a metal garbage can if possible.
  • Call the pros. Talk to the rodent control professionals at Rodent Solutions in Bradenton for advice and ongoing services to keep your property rodent-free all year!

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If you’re dealing with rodent problems in Bradenton, get in touch with our team at Rodent Solutions. 



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