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How to Keep Rodents Away From Your Home or Business with 3 Easy Steps

Rodent-proofing your home or business involves identifying and eliminating the conditions that make it possible for rats and mice to survive – mainly their food, water and harborage. Once you know the problem areas, follow the three steps below to reduce or eliminate these conditions.

Keep Rodents Away From Your Home or Business

1. Remove Sources of Food & Water
Improving sanitation conditions is one of the best ways to prevent and to get rid of rodent problems and pests in general. Rats and mice are opportunistic feeders that will eat any food discarded by humans. Eliminating their food and water is critical to controlling them.

-Pick up trash and discarded food.
-Keep tightly sealed lids on metal garbage cans.
-Store pet food & bird food in sealed glass or metal containers.
– Get rid of standing water in buckets, low spots in the yard, or other containers.

-Bring your grill into your garage as it is a constant reminder of much better you eat than they do

-Keep nut or fruit bearing trees, bushes, and plants well-trimmed and droppings picked up

2. Get Rid of Rodent Habitats

-Remove clutter, debris, and refuse to reduce nesting sites.
-Keep grass, shrubs, and other vegetation around your home trimmed.
-Trim overhanging trees, bushes and plants that cause shadowy areas where rodents feel protected from birds of prey and humans.

-Remove old lawn mowers and abandoned vehicles. Be sure you move unused vehicles often. 

-Remove old lawn mowers and abandoned vehicles. Be sure you move unused vehicles often. 

3. Rodent-Proof Your Home or Commercial Building By Sealing Rodent Entry Points 

This is, by far, the most important step when protecting yourself against rodents.  A good thing to keep in mind is the limiting factor for a rodent entry point is the size of their skull.  A rat’s ribs are basically on a hinge and can elongate to thin their body as they squeeze through entry points, but the skull doesn’t compress.  Keep in mind, when you seal your home or business against rodents you’re trying to exclude mice, rats, and squirrels; all of which are rodents.  Mice can squeeze through an entry points the size of a dime so that’s what you should shoot for with your rodent exclusion efforts.  If sealing these areas is beyond your skill set, contact Rodent Solutions to perform a rodent exclusion before you become the rodent’s next victim.    
Rodent Solutions specializes in rodent prevention, trapping and removal. If you have a rodent problem, we are the company for you. It is important to use an experienced rodent specialist to thoroughly handle your infestation. Rodent Solutions is the most highly recommended pest control company for residential and commercial properties. For more information and a PROFESSIONAL INSPECTION / ESTIMATE call us at (941) 704-0063. We service Sarasota, Bradenton, Parrish, Lakewood Ranch, and all the surrounding areas.



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