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How To Keep Squirrels Away From Your Sarasota Property

Squirrels are fun to watch. If you have never sat on a bench at the park and watched these furry rodents dash around, you’re missing out. They become a little less cute when they choose to invade your home. If you have recently noticed these bushy-tailed pests around your yard and are worried about the problems they might cause, let us help you today. Here is everything you need to know about squirrels and how to keep them away from your Sarasota home.

Squirrel with an acorn - How to keep squirrels away

The Reason Squirrels Invade Properties

Squirrels are one of a few wildlife creatures that prefer to live in areas near people. Living in more urban environments allows these bushy-tailed pests more opportunities to find food, water, and shelter. Your property might attract squirrels by offering things like dropped nuts, holes in trees, seeds in bird feeders, moisture build-up from rainfall, and loose mulch. If you feed squirrels on your property, then all these other things matter less, as they will come back regardless of what other things your property offers them.

Why do Squirrels Infest Homes?

Squirrels are not like rats and mice. They do not find it easier to live indoors rather than outside. Keeping this in mind, these bushy-tailed rodents will still break into man-made structures occasionally. They often come indoors to shelter from inclement weather like cold or storms. They most often invade the attic spaces of homes to build their nests. The gray squirrel is the primary one found in our area and the most common offender.  

Read More: The Gray Squirrel: Beloved, Invasive, & Damaging.  A Comprehensive Look at this Common Rodent

 Strategies To Prevent Squirrels From Infesting Your Sarasota Home

You must address their means of entry to prevent squirrels from entering your Sarasota home. You should start by hiring Rodent Solutions to seal up your home using a process known as a rodent exclusion.  This process will squirrel-proof your home so they can not get inside.  Another thing you can do to reduce the outside population is to cut down branches producing nuts and berries. Any fruit that falls into your yard should be picked up to prevent all rodents from hanging out looking for a free lunch. In addition to this, do not feed squirrels on your property unless you don’t mind them living nearby, damaging your garden and wood trim on your house.  

Why You Don’t Want a Squirrel Around Your Home

There are two reasons you don’t want squirrels on your property or inside your home. The first is that they can be dangerous. These dangerous rodents can spread diseases with the parasite pests they carry and their fecal droppings and urine. The second reason you don’t want squirrels on your property is that they are destructive. They regularly damage rooflines, chew holes through walls, wood trim, and foam banding, dig up mulch and soil, and gnaw on bark, twigs, and shrubbery.

When To Call The Professionals About Your Squirrel Problems

Squirrels living on your property in Sarasota are part of life.  Keeping them outside of your home is the most important part.  Let the experts at Rodent Solutions help you to ensure these rodents are sealed out of your home. If you are a squirrel lover but don’t want these rodents taking shelter inside your home, let our professional rodent exclusion team ensure your home’s exterior is adequately sealed today.  

Call us now to learn more about your rodent control options in Sarasota and have your property inspected for pests.



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