How To Spot Rodent Entry Points In Your Bradenton Home

Rodents that invade your Bradenton home must be coming from somewhere, and it’s essential to narrow down these entry points so you can keep all kinds of rodents from infesting your property. Review our top tips below to spot rodent entry points and get rid of rodents for good.

Top Rodent Entry Points

The types of rodents that you may encounter around your Bradenton home include both rats and mice. These rodents will typically share the same entry points around your home; sealing up these spaces can help to prevent and curb rodent infestations:

  • Gaps around windows, doors, and in your home’s roof or foundation
  • Holes around utility areas and electrical wiring that cross from outside to inside your home
  • Vented areas around the foundation or roof of your home
  • Crawl spaces that have gaps or vents
  • Plumping or pipes that lead to sinks, washing machines, or furnaces

What To Do If You Spot An Entry Point


If you do spot a rodent entry point around your home, you should reach out to Bradenton pest control provided by Rodent Solutions immediately. Rodent entry points are significant indicators that this pest is already inside your home, and an infestation is underway. Only our professionals can help you control and combat your rodent problem at this point.

It would help if you also worked to repair rodent entry points, something we discuss below, as this will help to keep all rodents away and stop an infestation from worsening.

How To Patch A Rodent Entry Point

A major part of learning how to keep rodents away is sealing up potential rodent entry points around your home, so this pest can’t continually invade. Combined with proper pest control, patching rodent entry points is a highly effective method of combating this pest.

The materials you use to patch a rodent entry point should be chew-proof; rodents can gnaw through virtually any material, so you should use something like steel wool or metal sheeting, as these materials are strong against rodents.

Inspect the areas around windows, doors, the roof, and your home’s foundation for cracks or gaps that rodents may enter through. It is important to be thorough during this process, as even a dime-sized hole can be enough for a rodent to squeeze through. You should also be looking at the areas around utility lines, piping, or electrical wiring, as these places often have gaps that rodents can use to enter your home.

Install the patching material once you have located rodent entry points around your home. For added defense, you can also replace damaged windows and door screens, install weather stripping, and invest in a chimney cap to firmly keep all rodents out.


Rodent Entry Point Elimination Service By Rodent Solutions

Total eradication is needed to keep these pests away permanently when it comes to rodent entry points. Our Bradenton pest control professionals at Rodent Solutions will be able to assist you in identifying major rodent entry points and provide you with solutions customized for your property to secure these areas. With the help of our experts at Rodent Solutions, you can be sure that your home is safe from rodent invaders, and you can live peacefully without fear of this pest infiltrating.



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