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Importance of Mice Control Services in Sarasota

Mice and other rodents love the warm weather in Florida. When you see signs of mice infestations in your home in Sarasota or nearby areas, it’s important to call professional mice control services.

Summer is typically associated with relaxation and enjoyment. While you’re having fun in the sun during the day, however, nocturnal animals are having fun at night—even possibly inside your homes.

When is Mice Season?

Rodent season is the time of year when mice and rats begin their search for warmer climates. During the summer, mice seem to breed nonstop. This may not look like a big deal until you realize every mouse can have up to 60 babies a year. Mice also achieve sexual maturity in three weeks, so those infants can contribute 60 babies each eventually.

Steps to Prevent Mice Infestation

  1. Check exterior walls of your home for gaps and openings. A mouse can fit through 14-inch holes, so seal those cracks with pest-resistant materials like wire mesh or silicone caulk. Don’t forget to check the roof because rodents can climb there, too.
  1. Take note of any structural changes that have occurred since last winter. Temperature changes and construction can cause structural gaps owing to expansion, providing rodents with ideal entry points.
  1. Cut back the vegetation. This is one of the most effective rodent repellents available. Allow at least an 18-inch buffer zone between structures and landscaping. To eliminate rodent hiding areas, clean out under shrubbery. Ensure that trees are trimmed away from rooftops.

Importance of Mice Control Services in Sarasota

Sometimes these pests are really stubborn that you can only do so much to prevent their infestation. That is why it is best to get professional help in clearing your property of these pests. Here are some of the reasons why it is important to get mice control services if you have any signs of these vermin in your home or establishment.

Mice Pose Health Risks

Mice and other rodents that enter your home can carry a multitude of diseases. They can carry viruses and germs that require long-term therapy and can aggravate pre-existing medical issues, including asthma.

They can also contaminate food in your kitchen with their feces, and you could become pretty sick if you ingest contaminated food by accident. Getting professional mice and other pest control services is a necessity to keep you safe and healthy in your home.

Mice Control Gives You Peace of Mind

Mice control experts know which products work and when to use them. With their training and experience, you’re confident that they will do the job properly. They can also tell you what to look for and remind you how often your home needs to be serviced. 

Many of these experts believe that some pesticides are just as dangerous as the mice themselves, so it’s important that you consult with an expert and stay informed about the chemicals your home requires, which vary based on your location. 

Professional Mice Control Preserves Your Business Reputation

Your business is your livelihood, and the place you work in should reflect that. Yet often, companies will eliminate things like routine pest control from their budgets to “cut costs” or “avoid the hassle”.

Mice infestations should be handled more seriously because it can harm any business’s reputation. Suppose a business like a cafe or a restaurant has a mice infestation; if word comes out that their building has a mice problem, the business can lose a number of valuable clients.


As a homeowner, you should be aware when it’s mice season in Florida, and know the things you need to prepare for in order to avoid mice infestation. But if mice are already present in your home or establishment, it’s best to call professional mice control services to remove pests rather than try to do it yourself.

At Rodent Solutions, we will use the most effective methods to eliminate your mice problem. So if you need assistance with rodent, bird, or pest management, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will reply promptly.



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