Is It Dangerous To Have Norway Rats In My Sarasota Home?

While Sarasota, Florida, is known for its pristine white beaches, it is so much more! Water enthusiasts will thrill at the prospect of swimming with the manatees or taking a boat ride to view Florida’s wild side. “Landlubbers” have alternatives like farmer’s markets, exotic animals, or fine arts facilities. Sarasota has activities for everyone – even the local rodents! The “not-so-exotic” Norway Rat likes to explore, and if Sarasota residents are not careful, they may be participating in an expedition to the innermost parts of your homes.

Habits & Behaviors Of Norway Rats In Sarasota

Norway rats go by many different names, including brown rats, sewer rats, or street rats. While people believe it came from Asia, it has been in the United States since the 1700s. Since Norway rats are common invaders of Sarasota homes, it is vital to be well versed in their habits and behaviors.

Habits and behaviors of Norway rats include the following:


  • Norway rats are considered nocturnal (active at night).
  • When Norway rats eat, they typically find an “out-of-the-way” location.
  • Norway rats prefer to eat cereals, fish, meat, and even dog food.
  • Outdoor burrows are typically by garbage, woodpiles, riverbanks, concrete slabs, streams, and railroad embankments.
  • Norway rats tend to stay outside unless there is a shortage of adequate water, shelter, or food.
  • Inside burrows are typically established in undisturbed areas like basements.


  • Norway rats use all their senses well except for their eyes (their eyesight is poor). Their whiskers help them “feel” their way around your home.
  • While not particularly athletic, Norway rats swim, jump, climb, and run pretty well.
  • These rats eat almost everything.
  • They are social.
  • Norway rats squeeze into tiny places.
  • Norway rats gnaw and plow through almost anything (even lead pipes and plastics).
  • They know what foods satisfy their pallet and will follow regular routes to foods they enjoy.

The Diseases Brown Rats In Sarasota Are Capable Of Spreading

Diseases caused by Norway rats are spread by direct contact with their saliva, urine, and feces, by handling the rodents directly, or by bites. They are also transporters of other pests (fleas, ticks, mites) that often feed on rodents, leading to indirect infections.

Four diseases carried by Norway rats that are serious include the following:

  1. Salmonellosis
  2. Rat-bite fever
  3. Tularemia
  4. Leptospirosis

How Norway Rats Get Into Sarasota Homes

You can’t get rid of rodents until you know how they get into your home. Norway rats are not the smallest of the rodent family, yet they can squeeze through cracks the size of a quarter! Any gaps and holes around your home are an open invitation for a rodent to enter your home. Even though Norway rats tend to be more comfortable on the ground, they are good climbers and can access gaps, holes, and crevices by using things around the outside of your home as a bridge to access weak areas in your home’s defenses. They can even swim to reach favorable destinations!

The Trick To Getting Rid Of Rats In Your Sarasota Home

Norway rats in Sarasota can produce anywhere from three to six litters every year; that’s some quick reproduction. Because they are social, they like to dwell together; that means infestations can quickly get out of hand. The best way to get rid of rats fast is by calling in the pest professionals at Rodent Solutions at the first sign of a rodent. We respond to calls within 48 hours and provide a detailed inspection, pictures, and an estimate before any work begins. Place your trust in Rodent Solutions, and call us today to get started on our effective rodent control!



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