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Rat Control Near Me: Effective Solutions for Your Rat Infestation Problem

Rats infestations are a common issue that can cause severe problems if rat control methods are not deployed quickly. These rodents are known for their ability to spread diseases, damage property, and contaminate food. If you have a rat infestation, it’s important to take action and find rat control near you as soon as possible. Below, I will discuss effective rat control solutions near you and how to find professional pest control services to help you with your rat problem.

Rat Control Near Me

Signs of Rat Infestations Requiring Professional Rat Control: 

Inside the home or business: 

Finding chewed food in your fruit bowl, holes in bags of bread, chewed coffee supplies in the breakroom, or other food items chewed are signs that you need some help with rat control.  Finding rat feces is another clear indicator of a rat infestation.  Many businesses have dropped ceilings with lightweight ceiling tiles.  Rat chew holes in the ceiling tiles indicate a rat infestation and the need for rat control.

Inside the attic:

Rats leave many droppings because they eat so much and metabolize their food quickly. Generally, once rats infest an attic, it’s not hard to determine because the feces is visible with a detailed rat inspection.  Rats also often leave large holes in the insulation by burrowing inside it.  Hearing noises in the attic are often the first indicator that rat control is needed indicating they have infested the attic.  Most customers are instantly creeped out as it’s not a noise you’re expecting. 

Outside Indicators That You Need Rat Control

If a rat infestation occurs for an extended period of time, rats will start to leave what is commonly called rub or grease marks.  These marks are a combination of their body sebum and urine.  These marks are often witnessed in the areas regularly used for rat entry.  Heavy rub marks indicate a long-term infestation and that rat control is needed immediately.   Gnawing marks on wood fascia soffit, or on wires where they enter the soffit are further signs.    

Health Risks Associated with a Lack of Rat Control

Rats are associated with many health risks. A few of those are listed below

  • Hantavirus 
  • Salmonella
  • Leptospirosis
  • Rat-bite fever

These are just a few health issues that can come from rodent infestations. Read more about these issues here on our Health Risks page.   We offer Decontamination Services after rat infestations for those concerned about the health risks. 

Rat Control Near Me

Rodent Exclusion is the Ultimate Method To Control Rats Near You

A rodent exclusion is the process of sealing off all current or potential rat entry areas on a home using rat-proof materials with the intent to prevent rats and other rodents from entering a home or business.  Not just any pest control company can perform this service.  You need to hire a company like Rodent Solutions. We are rodent specialists and have years under our belt performing rodent exclusion services for rat control, so infestations don’t repeat.  

Finding Rat Control Near You

We have written a detailed guide to finding the best rat control near you.  When you’re done with this article, come back and click the link above.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What are the most effective rat control solutions?

Having a rodent exclusion performed is the best way to control rats permanently.   

  • How long does it take to get rid of rats?

From the day we perform your rodent exclusion to the day we pull the rat traps, most of our rat control services will take a week and a half to two weeks.  This can vary pending on the size of the rat infestation and the number of competing food sources.   

  • How Much Does Rat Control Cost?

There is no set cost for rat control until an inspection of the home or business has been performed.  The cost of a rodent exclusion, the first step in rat control, is specific to each building.  Once we have identified all entry points which need to be sealed on the building, we will provide the cost to seal these areas and trap the remaining rats.  

  • Are the Chemicals Used in Rat Control Safe?

No chemicals are used in the rat control process unless you have opted to have rat bait stations installed around the exterior of your home or commercial facility.  In that case, the rat bait stations do contain poison blocks.  However, they are installed in tamper-proof rat bait stations designed to keep children, pets, and non-target wildlife from consuming the bait.  In some situations, we may also opt for rat fertility control as an option to or in addition to rat bait stations.  Although it is a chemical also, it is contained in tamper-proof bait stations.      

  • Can I Do Rat Control Myself?

It depends on your ability to properly perform a rodent exclusion. If you can correctly identify all the rat entry points on your home or commercial building, seal those areas in a rodent-proof manner, and safely trap the remaining rats inside the building, then yes, you can perform rat control yourself.  If not, you should call an expert like Rodent Solutions to help you with the rat control process.

Dealing with a rat infestation can be overwhelming, but effective rat control solutions are available to help you with these pesky rats. By identifying the signs of a rat infestation, taking preventive measures to control rats, or seeking professional rat control services, you can eliminate a rat problem and prevent it from recurring. Remember to prioritize your health and safety, and don’t hesitate to contact Rodent Solutions,  the rat control specialist near you, for help.  We handle rat issues in the Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, Bradenton, and Parrish, FL areas.



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