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Signs It’s Time to Call Professional Rat Control Services in Sarasota

Knowing how to quickly detect and identify a potential rat infestation in your home is a valuable ability that every homeowner should have. Because of the warm environment, rats can be a particularly big concern for inhabitants of Florida. Read on to learn about the five signs that it’s time to call rat control services in Sarasota.

Why Do You Need Rat Control Services?

Rats are thin-tailed, medium-size rodents that can reproduce rapidly. A rat is sexually mature after only 3 or 4 months, and a female rat can mate 500 times in her 6-hour period of receptivity, which occurs fifteen times every year. A pair of rats could breed as many as two thousand pups in a year if their mating goes unchecked and they have no predators, leading to an infestation.

A rat infestation is unsightly, but even more so, dangerous. They will nibble at home furnishings, internal structures, insulation, and wirings, causing severe damage to your property if continued to be left unchecked. They’re also known to carry over 70 diseases, some of which are easily transmitted to humans.

5 Signs to Call Professional Rat Control Services in Sarasota

  1. Surface Damage If you notice damage on the surfaces of your home, contact rat control services right away. Rats are particularly fond of scratching surfaces of walls, ceilings, and floors. 
  2. Signs of Nesting Pests can enter your home rapidly, and they also make themselves at home. Nests or hives inside or outside your home indicate that the pests intend to stay. Nests are frequently found in hidden areas where the pests feel safe. This could be in the walls, attics, behind appliances, or fissures. Whenever you find a nest, call a pest control firm to determine if there are any present occupants so you can evict them.
  3. Smells and Sounds
    Every home has its own set of smells and sounds, but your senses occasionally pick up on something that doesn’t seem to belong. This could indicate a concealed problem that a pest control company can treat more easily.
  4. Droppings in Your Home
    Apart from seeing pests in your home, droppings are one of the most telling signs of an infestation. We all know rats are messy, so you’ll probably find pee or droppings elsewhere if there’s an infestation. Inhaling rat droppings can be deadly, so it’s critical to address the issue as soon as you see it. 
  5. Chewing Marks on Food Packaging
    Another symptom of mouse activity is gnawing holes in food packets. To get to their food source inside, mice will gnaw through plastic bags, cardboard boxes, and other packaging. Chewed-up wires also indicate a rat infestation.

Bottom Line

Unprotected homes are susceptible to pest and rodent infestations. You’ll need rat control systems in place to keep them under control. While you can conduct some pest control on your own, hiring a professional gives you added peace of mind.

If any of these five signs sound familiar, don’t hesitate to contact your trusted rat control professionals. Rodent Solutions will take the most effective approach to eliminating your pest. Please do not hesitate to
contact us if you require assistance with rodent, bird, or pest control; we will respond promptly.



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