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The Problem With Pigeons On Your Bradenton Property

Are you seeing a lot of feathered friends on your Bradenton property that are becoming more of a nuisance or more of a danger to you and the people you care about? Pigeons, also known as rock doves, mate year-round and reproduce at alarming rates, meaning that once you see one, they will soon be everywhere. Even if you don’t spot a pigeon, they will make their presence known with their pigeon droppings as well as the damage and disease they carry.

Pigeon - Bradenton Pigeon Problems

Understanding Pigeons

Pigeons are fairly easy to identify, but this also means that they can be very easy to overlook. They are typically gray with a white underbody and black bars on their wings and tail. They also have distinct red feet. They are small enough to not be too annoying, just about a foot long, but where they lack in size, they make up in numbers.

It is their numbers that can make them seem like normal animals that just hang out and don’t cause too many problems, but this is part of why they are so dangerous. They are pests, but their reputation is that they are merely annoying parts of life, loitering around stores, parks, and buildings. People don’t pay attention to them anymore when we absolutely should.

The Dangers of Pigeons

Pigeons are gross, and they can get almost anywhere because of their ability to fly. Everywhere they go, they are also bringing with them disease and other nasty pests. Most everybody knows that we shouldn’t be touching pigeons because of the many diseases that they can carry, but they are so much more than just this. Some of the diseases that they carry include:

When pigeons are not transferring diseases around, they are causing much more damage. Pigeon droppings are something that people hate getting on their cars, but they are so much more than just an annoyance. They can cause humans to slip and fall, but they can also accelerate the aging of different buildings and statues as well. Their droppings also have the possibility of growing fungus that causes histoplasmosis.

Pigeons are also host to many more dangerous kinds of pests. You can often find nasty creatures like fleas, lice, ticks, and mites embedded in pigeons’ feathers, just waiting to breed and spread to other host animals.

Getting Rid of These Pigeon Pests

The next question is, how do you get rid of pigeons? Often, it can seem almost hopeless because of the sheer number of pigeons that have established themselves on your property, making it their home.

What you can do is make their roosting and nesting areas impossible for them to continue living there. The way this happens is by installing different bird control architecture. This comes in a variety of forms such as:

  • Filling in access to architectural voids
  • Slope resting areas
  • Plastic birds
  • Plastic snakes
  • Scare balloons
  • Bird netting
  • Bird spikes
  • Bird shock

All of these have varying effectiveness depending on the situation and the birds. The best way to ensure that they are effective and that the best solution is chosen is to enlist professional bird control from Rodent Solutions. We have a lot of knowledge regarding pests like pigeons, and we can conduct a proper inspection to find the best bird control services for your pigeon problem.

Preventing Future Pigeons

We are always available to inspect and take care of the pigeons on your Bradenton property, but you do have options to try and prevent them from coming to your property in the first place. Make sure that no one on your property is feeding the pigeons, and keep all food and standing water out of reach.

If these preventive measures don’t prove to be enough, don’t hesitate to call Rodent Solutions. Our customized bird control services will help eliminate an infestation and prevent pigeons from returning.



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