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The Problem with Searching for “Rodent Removal Near Me”

So you come to Google to get look for help with rodents.  You need to get them removed from your house.  The problem is that the search engine might not refer you to a company that actually handles rodent removal when you type that in due to a technicality.  We’ll Explain!

Not All Pest Control Companies Handle Rodents

Search engines relate rodent removal near me to companies classified as “pest control” in their online profile.  The problem with that is that it can be deceiving. Many companies with pest control licenses only treat little bugs and don’t handle rodents.  You might also run into the problem where some companies don’t carry a ladder on their pest control trucks.  Look around as you’re driving and you’ll see what I mean.  That would make it hard to get on a roof to look for rodent entry points to provide you with a price for a rodent exclusion, right? More fundamental, how is the pest control technician expected to climb into your attic to set rodent traps without a ladder?  Some companies the search might refer you to aren’t even insured to get on a ladder. We often hear these complaints from our happy customers who called other pest control companies before finding us.  

Rodent Removal Near Me
Photo Credit to James Knight, Owner of Rodent Solutions

Rodent Removal is More Involved Than Just Setting Traps

If the pest control company does have a ladder and can set rodent traps in the attic, many still won’t perform the rodent exclusion process to prevent rodents.  That works great for these other pest control companies because it keeps you paying for rodent trapping.  All the rodent’s entry points are still there, and the rodents will continue to enter.   This isn’t a proper rodent solution for the customer.

Always Hire a Rodent Specialist 

Another common problem with the search is that most pest control companies aren’t rodent specialists.  They often only want to sell reoccurring rodent bait stations without a total home rodent exclusion.  While rat bait stations are essential to proper IMP (Integrated pest management), they shouldn’t be installed without a rodent exclusion.  The reason is that rodents may eat the bait and find their way back into the attic before they die.  If they die in the attic after eating the poison, it will leave dead animal smells inside for 7-10 days as the rodent decomposes.  That’s not a pleasant experience for the customer either.

Don’t Let Search Distance Keep Us Apart

The most critical problem with searching for rodent removal near me is if you aren’t within a few miles from us in Lakewood Ranch, it may not provide you with the best result, which is Rodent Solutions Inc.   The search engines will use the maps feature to show you the businesses closest to you.  When you’re looking for a pest control company that is also a rodent specialist, it’s not so critical that they are within a few miles from you. It’s essential that you get the best company located in their service area.  We feel we are the best at preventing rodents; otherwise, we wouldn’t call ourselves Rodent Solutions.  We handle Rodent Removal in Lakewood Ranch, Sarasota, Bradenton, Parrish, and the surrounding areas in Florida.  

This Is How We Handle Rodent Removal

We use various methods to eliminate the rodents from your property, such as traps, custom rodent baits, and advanced rodent exclusion techniques designed to be impregnable to rodents of all types. We can also provide tips on preventing an increase in exterior rodent activity by removing potential food sources, such as limiting, trimming, or eliminating fruit and nut-bearing trees.  Another measure of helping to keep your property rodent-free is keeping your landscaping clean and well-maintained. Tall grass, piles of leaves and debris, and overgrown bushes can provide shelter for rodents. Mowing your lawn regularly and removing debris will help to reduce the chances of a rodent infestation.  

Our Rodent Specialists Have More Rodent Experience Than Our Competition 

Because we focus heavily on rodents, a considerable percentage of our overall service calls involve rats, mice, or squirrels in an attic, inside the home, or under the house.  This gives us a heavy concentration of calls dealing with rodents.  This leads to our team being more experienced in dealing with this tricky animal than other pest control companies.   

Our Service Area Is Sarasota, Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch & Parrish 

If you’re dealing with a rodent infestation in our service area, it’s vital to take action as soon as possible.  If you are outside our service area, look for a company specializing in rodents.  Read their reviews and make an informed decision.  If you have any questions, contact us at 941-704-0063, and we would be happy to help you feel comfortable knowing you’re putting your home and your family’s health in the hands of the leading rodent removal near you. 



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