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What Do I Do About Rats In My Sarasota Home?

When rats invade your Sarasota home, it may feel like there is nothing you can do to remove this troublesome pest. Fortunately, our article will tell you how to get rid of rats, no matter if they are Norway Rats or Roof Rats.   We can also use rodent bait stations or rat fertility control to keep the rat population down in your yard, so you can reclaim your property.

Sarasota rats

How Big Can Rats Get?

There are a few different types of rats in Sarasota that you may encounter around your home. Seeing rats around your home and yard can indicate that any of these different types of rats have infiltrated your property:

  • Roof Rats: Dark brown, black, or grey; this rat doesn’t grow larger than 12 to 14 inches.
  • Wood Rats: Greyish-brown in color, this rat will grow up to almost eight inches in length.
  • Norway Rats: These rats range from grey to brown in color and grow up to seven to nine inches, excluding their tail.

How Dangerous Are Rats?

Even though most people know that rats can be dangerous to encounter and want to avoid this pest at all costs, you may not be aware of exactly how many health risks rats can bring to your home. The diseases rats carry include hantavirus, plague, tularemia, and salmonella; you can contract any of the diseases rats carry through contact with the rat directly, via contaminated food, or through any contact with their urine and feces. A rat infestation can pose a significant health risk when left to grow out of control.

Why Do I Have Rats In My Sarasota House?

If you are experiencing a rat issue in your Sarasota home, you likely have many factors around the house that are bringing this pest inside. Below, we list some of these factors and discuss what you can do to reduce or eliminate them. Remember, the best way to get rid of rats in the house is to make your property overall less attractive to them.

  • Rats love the easy access to food. Make sure to store leftovers properly, refrain from leaving out dirty dishes, and properly seal up all trash bags. Always clean up food and drink spills and consider using airtight containers in your pantry areas.
  • Easy moisture access is another major rodent attractor. Repair any leaks inside or outside your home and ensure proper ventilation to reduce any wet patches or pools of water.
  • Gaps and cracks around your home can lead to rats infiltrating when they see the accessible shelter. Seal up these potential entry points around your home’s foundation, windows, and doors, with metal screening or metal flashing. Also, consider investing in a chimney cap.
  • Rats love to hide in clutter and tall grass. Make sure your yard is cleared of debris, especially organic debris, and keep the grass trimmed low to reduce outdoor rat hiding places.

How Do I Permanently Get Rid Of Rats In My Sarasota House?

If you want to know how to get rid of rats, you should be looking into the best way to get rid of rats in the house – Rodent Solutions. The Rodent Specialists at Rodent Solutions will have no problem helping you keep rats out of yards, attics, crawl spaces, or other areas of your property. Invest in ongoing rodent control services with Rodent Solutions and claim your home back from these rodents.



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