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What Health Issues Are Associated with Rodent Infestations?

Rodent infestations are a serious problem that can have a significant impact on human health. Rodents can also contaminate food and prep surfaces, leading to food poisoning and other illnesses. In this article we will explore the health risks from rodents.  These pests are known to carry a variety of diseases, such as salmonella, rat-bite fever, hantavirus and leptospirosis and even have many pages devoted to them on the CDC’s website as well as on the Florida Department of Health’s website. 

health risks from rodents
A Rat Infested Home in Bradenton – By James Knight, Owner of Rodent Solutions

Health Risks Associated With Rodents 

    • Salmonella: Rodents can carry the bacteria that cause salmonella infection, which can lead to symptoms such as diarrhea, fever, and abdominal cramps.
    • Rat-bite fever: This rare but serious disease can be transmitted through a rat bite or through contact with rat urine or feces. Symptoms include fever, muscle aches, and skin rash.
    • Hantavirus: This serious virus is transmitted through contact with rodent urine, droppings, or saliva. It can cause severe respiratory illness and can be fatal in some cases.
    • Leptospirosis: This bacterial infection is transmitted through contact with rodent urine. It can cause symptoms such as fever, headache, and muscle pain, and can lead to kidney damage and other serious complications. 

    Allergies Caused By Rodent Infestations

    In addition to these diseases, rodents can also cause allergic reactions in some people. Rat and mouse droppings, urine, and hair can trigger symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, and itchy eyes.    An in-depth article was posted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information which goes into extensive detail about allergen exposure due to rodent infestations if you would like more information still.

    Rodents That Cause The Most Health Issues

    There are three main rodents which commonly spread diseases to humans. 

    House Mouse

    One of the most common types of rodents that infest homes and buildings is the house mouse.  These small, gray or brown mice can squeeze through tiny openings and can quickly multiply, leading to a large infestation. They are known to cause damage to walls, insulation, and electrical wiring.  They are also the most common rodent to spread the Hantavirus.

    Norway Rat

    Another common type of rodent infestation is caused by Norway rats.  They carry all the same diseases listed above (and more).  They are a lot less known to carry  the Hantavirus though.  

    Roof  Rats

    Roof rats are also prone to the same activity, however they are more prone to climb and find entry points on the roof and soffit. They are the same diseases as the norway rats do.  However, because they are better adapted to climb, you will most commonly find them spreading diseases in your attic.  They also are very good at finding their way into the living area of your home from the attic too. 

    Zoonotic Disease Certified

    We are Zoonotic Disease Certified by the National Wildlife Control Operators Association.  We have all the specially required safety tools to clean up rat poop after a rat infestation.  If you suspect a rodent infestation in your home or building, it is important to contact a professional rodent exterminator as soon as possible to prevent the spread of diseases. The experts at Rodent Solutions have the tools and knowledge to safely and effectively eliminate rodents and prevent future infestations.    

    If you are looking to prevent rats in Lakewood Ranch, Sarasota, Bradenton, or Parrish areas of Florida, Contact us for help with your rodent issue.  



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