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What sounds do bats make in the Bradenton, Florida area?

Bats near Bradenton, Florida, are fascinating creatures known for their unique abilities, including echolocation. Echolocation is a way for bats to navigate and locate food in complete darkness by emitting high-frequency sounds and listening for echoes. I will discuss the sounds that bats in Florida make and how they use these sounds to navigate, locate food, and for social interactions.  This will include scientific explanations and some tips to help you “hear” bats that might be infesting your home. 

sounds bats make

Sounds Bats Make

  1. Echolocation calls: Bats in Florida use echolocation calls to navigate while flying and locate food. These calls are high-frequency sounds that are beyond the range of human hearing. The calls are emitted from the bat’s larynx, and the bat’s ears receive the echoes. By analyzing the echo, bats can determine the location, size, and distance of objects.
  2. Social calls: Bats in Florida also make social calls to communicate with other bats. These calls are typically lower frequency than echolocation calls and are within the range of human hearing. The social calls are used for various purposes, including mating, group cohesion, and territory defense.
  3. Warning calls: Some species of bats in Florida also make warning calls to alert other bats of potential danger. These calls are typically higher in frequency and shorter than echolocation calls.
  4. Distinct calls for different species: Each species of bat in Florida has a distinct call that is unique to that species. 
  5. Sounds to identify bats for homeowners:  For a NWCOA Bat Certified expert like  Rodent Solutions who performs bat removal from hundreds of homes and commercial sites each year, we know them as soon as we hear them.  For the average homeowner who has never come across bats, they mistake their sounds for other animals. Most commonly, bats are mistaken for a nest of baby birds on their roof or in the soffit.  I would describe the sounds as rapid, very high-pitched, “light” chirping.  The sounds tend to come in groups when they start making noises, as if they are all getting excited and talking over each other at once.  Keep in mind, just because you don’t hear bats doesn’t mean they aren’t there. There are other signs to indicate their presence.      

Bats Are Protected in Florida

It’s important to note that bats are protected by law in Florida, and it’s illegal to kill them. It’s even illegal to humanely remove bats during certain parts of the year.  If you have a bat problem in your home or business, it’s important to work with a professional who is experienced in bat removal. Visit the article linked here for more information about who to call for bat removal.  Not just any company should be hired if want a trained expert for your bat removal.   

sounds bats make

More Bat Information:Check out the link posted here for a guide to help Bradenton homeowners avoid getting bats. We have many blog posts filled with great information about bats.  If you are in the Bradenton, Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, or Sarasota area, contact us directly for help with bat removal near you. 



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