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When to Call for Rat Control Services in Lakewood Ranch

It’s important to recognize the various indicators of a rat infestation. Rats are nocturnal, so you may not see one running in broad daylight to realize there might be an active rat infestation in your house. At first sight of a small sign of an infestation in your home, contact a professional rat control services in Lakewood Ranch straight away so they can evaluate your property and determine if you indeed need rat control.

What Rats Need to Survive

Rats are difficult to control because they reside everywhere. Rats will thrive as long as humans offer the following three things:


Rats will often hide in homes, behind furniture, behind walls, in the basement or in the attics. Weeds, grasses, and other plants also provide shelter for wild rats.


Rats are omnivores, meaning they consume everything. Although rats are most commonly associated with eating through garbage and leftover foods, some rats may kill small creatures such as birds and lizards for food.


Rats can survive for months without any water. Rats can get enough water out of the food they eat. When rats need water, they may usually look for drains, pet bowls, or pipes behind walls.

Rat Control Services

Rats Reproduce Rapidly

Female rats can mate up to 500 times in six hours, and brown rats can have up to 2,000 pups in a single year, with up to 22 infants in a single litter. With a less than a month gestation period, it’s simple to understand how populations might swiftly go out of control.

When to Hire Rat Control Services in Lakewood Ranch

It’s time to get rat control services as soon as you find any of these in your home:

1. Damages on your home’s surfaces

Rats have a penchant for scratching and gnawing on the surfaces of walls, ceilings, floors, and even furniture. If you discover damage on your home’s surfaces, contact rat control services straight away.

2. Rat nest

Pests like to build nests in concealed locations where they can feel comfortable. These nests could be hidden in the walls, attics, behind appliances, or in any other openings in your home. As soon as you find a nest, contact a pest control company to see if they can evict the current tenants and demolish the nest altogether.

3. Strange sounds or odors

Rats are the most usual suspects for scurrying sounds behind the walls or in attics. They are also responsible for odors that you may not recognize, such as the scent of ammonia. When your senses catch up on these sounds and smells that don’t belong in your house, it’s a sign of a hidden problem that you need a pest control professional to fix.

4. Droppings or urine trails

Rats leave droppings in your home to announce their infestation. They also have weak bladders, which causes them to leave urine tracks all over the house. We all know rats are unsanitary, so you will most likely find pee or droppings in your home when there is an infestation. Inhaling their droppings can be fatal, so it’s vital to deal with the problem as soon as you see it.

5. Gnaw marks on food packs or wirings

Rats will nibble through plastic bags, cardboard boxes, and other packaging to get their food supply within. Gnawed wirings also indicate a rat infestation, and can even be a potential fire hazard; another telling sign that you need rat control.

Bottom Line of Rat Control Lakewood Ranch

Rat infestations are common in unprotected homes in Lakewood Ranch, and rat control systems will be required to keep them under control. While you can do some pest control yourself, hiring a professional is still the better choice because it gives you additional peace of mind.

Don’t hesitate to contact a trusted rat control expert to take care of your rat problems. Rodent Solutions has the most effective approach to eliminate those pests. Contact us if you require assistance with rodent, bird, or pest control, and we will be there to work with you.



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