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Who Do I Call For Bat Removal?

You should call a licensed pest control company!  Rodent Solutions Inc, to be specific! However, not all pest control companies also remove bats.  Here are a few questions you ask during your initial phone call before requesting a company to look at the bat infestation at your home or business.

Who Do I Call For Bat Removal?

      • Are you a state-licensed pest control company? You would be amazed home many companies are performing this service without being licensed.  If they aren’t licensed, they can’t get the proper insurance for performing bat removal. 

      • Ask how they charge and how much it will be.  Anybody who will price bat removal over the phone hasn’t been doing it very long. Most will give you a minimum, then will correct to a much higher price once they arrive.  A bat removal professional knows you must see it before you can accurately and fairly price the bat removal and prevention.  Without knowing where the bats are, how large the infestation is, what needs to be done to get them out, and what needs to be done to keep them from getting back in, they are just guessing. 

      • Ask them if they know when the protected bat maternity season is.  If they can’t tell you that, they aren’t experts in their field.  Bats are protected year-round and must be handled humanely.  However, during their protected maternity season (April 15-August 14), bats can’t even be excluded from structures because if you trap the adult bats out, the juvenile bats will die

    Bats Are Great At Pest Control

    Bats play an essential role in the ecosystem by controlling pests such as mosquitoes, moths, and other insects. Bats also play an essential role in pollinating plants and dispersing seeds by eating and dispersing seeds for many plants.  Bats are the only pollinator for the agave plant, a key ingredient in tequila!  A recent estimate said that bats eat enough pests to save more the one billion dollars a year in crop damage and pesticide costs in the US corn industry alone.    

    Bat Legal Information

    One of the first things to consider when dealing with a bat problem is understanding the laws and regulations regarding bat removal in your area. In most states, Florida being one of them, it is illegal to kill bats.  There are specific procedures that must be followed for their removal. As mentioned above, it’s essential to work with a professional who is experienced in bat removal and follows all state and federal laws and regulations.

    Bat Removal Techniques

        • The most common method for bat removal is bat netting. The bat netting needs to be hung in a manner that allows the bats to leave but not get back in again.  When the bats fly out at night to forage for food, they are now going to have to search for a new home.  

        • Bat cones are another popular method.  Bat cones allow for the bats to leave yet makes it very difficult or impossible to get back in.  Bat cones can be purchased or made. However, they must have a smooth exit, so the bats do not damage their wings while crawling through them. Many amateurs will roll up the ends of sheet metal and screw them together to make a homemade tube.  The edges of the screws often damage their wings, leaving them for certain death.      

      Bat Exclusion

      Performing a bat exclusion is the process of sealing all potential bat entry points to the building to prevent bats from entering. This is done by a professional, such as Rodent Solutions, who will inspect the building and identify all potential bat entry points. These entry points are then excluded to prevent the bats from returning.  Much of the bat exclusion will be performed before we get the bats out of the current area they are in so they don’t just go from entryway to entryway. 

      Bat Feces Cleanup

      If you have bats in your attic or other areas of your home, it’s important to remove any droppings as soon as possible as bats can carry many health risks.  Bat guano (feces) are also well known to spread histoplasmosis.  Bats are also well-known carriers of rabies If they were to land on you and bite you, you may be headed to the hospital for a painful and expensive series of shots.  Bat guano can also contain other harmful bacteria and bats are also known to carry bat bugs, which are similar to bed bugs. It’s important to wear protective gear such as gloves and a mask when cleaning up bat droppings.  Bat feces cleanup should be left to Zoonotic disease experts like Rodent Solutions.  

      Bat Prevention 

      Another important step in preventing bat infestations is to perform regular inspections of your home or business. This includes checking for signs of bat activity, such as droppings, urine, or staining from bat rub marks on exterior walls.  It’s also important to check for potential entry points.  If you’re a proactive person and want to avoid bats getting into your soffit or attic, have Rodent Solutions bat experts access your home and seal any potential entry points before you have a bat problem.  

      Bat Removal Locations 

      Rodent Solutions currently covers all of Manatee and most Sarasota counties for bat issues.  SarasotaBradentonLakewood Ranch and Parrish are the local communities where we receive the most amount of calls from for bat removal.

      Wrapping Up Your Bat Lesson!

      In conclusion, bats play an essential role in the ecosystem and should always be removed humanely. It’s important to work with a professional who is experienced in bat removal and follows all laws and regulations.  Rodent Solutions is a local 5-Star Google Rated pest control company and we would be thrilled to have your business.     



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