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Who is the Best Rodent Removal Company Near Me?

If you live near Sarasota, Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch, or Parrish, Rodent Solutions is the best rodent removal company near you.  As I write this, I understand you probably think, “of course, you would name yourself.”  I can understand the skepticism. I can understand that it may even sound arrogant.  That being said, I would like to support how I feel with some facts about our company and an explanation of the skills needed to control & remove rodents properly.  While many pest control companies can perform quality pest control services to get rid of roaches, ants, and other insects, most of the skills needed for proper rodent prevention aren’t even tested on the state’s pest control licensing exam.  The scope of rodent removal requires more than setting a few rat traps or rodent bait stations if you want to be successful. I believe you’ll agree that we have earned the honor to claim that we are The Best Rodent Removal Company Near You!

Best Rodent Removal Company Near Me

Skills That The Best Rodent Removal Company Needs to Have:

      1. Staff of pest control professionals who understands rodent behaviors, biology, and abilities.  
      2. A strong knowledge of general construction practices and the Florida building code.
      3. Understanding of the proper construction techniques of shingle, metal, and tile roofs 
      4. A skilled hand with soffit installation and repairs.  
      5. Firm grasp of OSHA safety compliance
      6. Continuing education on rodent-proof materials
      7. Staff must also be educated on the health risks from rodent infestations & how to decontaminate them to keep customers safe.
      8. The ability to work on commercial pest control accounts as well as residential accounts
     So above we list some of the skills needed even make a claim to be the best in the rodent removal business.  Below we have listed some facts about our company to back up our feelings about our quality, training, and service.    

    Ten Qualifications To Support Our Claim:

        1. We are a State Licensed Pest Control Company
        2. The Owner, James Knight, is also a State Licensed Commercial Wildlife Trapper 
        3. Owner has a degree in Drafting & Design with a Focus on Residential Construction
        4. We have a 5-Star rating on Google after over eleven years in business.
        5. Our pest control division technicians are graduates of Pest Management University at the Foundation Level and Masters Level.  
        6. We are members of NWCOA (National Wildlife Control Operators Association),  this helps us constantly keep up with the latest rodent prevention methods, products, and trapping techniques.
        7. We are NWCOA Rodent Standard Certified
        8. We are NWCOA Zoonotic Disease Standard Certified
        9. We have all passed our OSHA 10 or higher training
        10. Our entire rodent removal staff originates from a construction background. 
        11. We were awarded Nextdoor’s favorite Pest Control Company in 2021 & 2022
        12. We currently have commercial pest control accounts with government municipalities, many restaurants, shoppings plazas, warehouses, a hospital and several medical plazas.   

      If you find yourself wondering who is the best rodent removal company near you in Lakewood Ranch, Bradenton, Sarasota, or Parrish area is, give Rodent Solutions a call.  Let us put our service where our mouth is!  Thank you!



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