A dead animal in your home can be a week long experience that you don't want to deal with as nature slowly takes its course. It starts first with with a horrible smell and finishes up with maggots which turn into large flies as they mature. Waiting out that process is not recommended - it is imperative for health reasons to remove that animal properly.

rodent removal  in Florida, Rodent Solutions Inc

Rodent Solutions is a Bradenton, Parrish & Sarasota dead animal removal and disposal service.

We will find the dead animal in your home whether it be in the attic or walls and remove it. If the dead animal is in an inaccessible area, many customers opt to buy our odor bags instead of the costly process of cutting open walls or ceilings. Our odor bags absorb the odor while the animal goes through the slow decomposition process.

We also remove dead animals from your yard, under trailers and mobile homes.

How do I prevent it from happening again?

Start with our guaranteed pest proofing service! Click here for more info!

If you have placed any poison in your attic or around your home, get rid of it immediately! Some poisons can take up to a week to work so you may have more animals die in the meantime. This is the usual result and one of the major reason why we don't use poison!

Rodent Solutions Tip: Do not set off "bug bombs" in your attic unless you are positive you don't have any wildlife in your attic.