The droppings and urine from rats, mice, squirrels, raccoons, bats and other wildlife can leave your Florida home with severe health risks and awful smells. Wildlife can also leave ticks, fleas and parasites that can cause many different health problems. A Rodent Solutions tech will inspect the severity of the damage in your house or attic and recommend a course of action in the Sarasota, Bradenton, Parrish, and surrounding area.

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Here are the attic decontamination basics:

  • Enzyme treatment - This is our most commonly recommended course of action. We blow in this treatment through our high powered atomizer to treat the attic when there has been a light to moderate infestation. It can be thought of as a bacterial digester eating anything bad that it touches in the attic. This is the most economic course of corrective action.
  • Spot cleanup - If you wish to take it a step further, we have a spot cleanup service in the attic. This is almost always performed over garages which have little or no insulation. Areas over the garage tend to be the area Floridians use for extra storage. We will remove your personal items from the attic, vacuum up all droppings in the area where you wish to continue to store items, then perform an anti-bacterial enzyme treatment.
  • Living area infestations - If you were unfortunate enough to have a rat/mouse or other wildlife infestation inside your living area, we also perform inside cleanup and decontamination. Each case is handled individually but indoors we use a high quality "true" HEPA vacuum which does not shoot microscopic particles from the droppings back into the air through the exhaust as most normal vacuums do. Think of it as the vacuum that might be used in a "clean room" scenario.
  • Attic Restorations - In the extreme case of a severe rat/mouse infestation or a raccoon infestation where raccoon roundworm may be involved, an attic restoration may be recommended. See our "Attic Restoration" page for more information and our health risk page for more information on the dangers of raccoon roundworm.