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Pest & Rodent Control In Sarasota & Bradenton

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Pest Control FAQ

If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for in our Pest Control FAQ, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, and we’ll answer your queries directly.

I have rats/mice in my house. How can Rodent Solutions help me?

We will do several things to help you eliminate the rodent infestation in your home:

  • First, we’ll schedule an inspection to identify the rodent causing the problem. We will locate all rodent entry points and provide an estimate for our rodent exclusion service based on your specific home or building. Our inspection checklist addresses over 80 different potential areas where rodents can find their way into your building. We will include pictures of the places that need repairs, and show you pictures of repairs of similar areas from previous customers.
  • Once contracted, a Rodent Solutions employee will perform the rodent exclusion as outlined in your estimate.
  • With the rodent exclusion complete, we will set traps to catch any rodents remaining inside.
  • Once the rodent trapping is complete, we will perform any recommended urine/feces decontamination and cleanup services if contracted.
  • Finally, we will help you rest easy again with a guarantee that our work is rodent-proof!

What is rodent exclusion?

Rodent exclusion is a process of sealing up all potential openings in a building where a rodent could gain entry.

Why are there rodent openings in my building in the first place? Did my builder or roofer cause this?

In most cases, the answer is no. The short answer is that building codes in the United States do not require any builder or roofer to consider rodent issues while constructing the building.

Can I call my handyman or contractor to perform my rodent exclusion?

No. The State of Florida requires a license, which Rodent Solutions holds, for all work directly related to excluding rodents from buildings. The Limited Commercial Wildlife Management Certification Program was designed to allow commercial rodent trappers to exclude and trap commensal rodents in, on, or under structures. In order to exchange money for rodent exclusion or trapping, you must have a license.

Why can't Rodent Solutions provide a price for rodent exclusion over the phone?

Every home and commercial building is built differently and with different levels of craftsmanship. Even two homes that are the same “model” in the same neighborhood may have dramatically different items in need of our rodent exclusion services. A thorough inspection to fully understand the situation is the only way to give a proper rodent exclusion estimate.


Any company providing a price over the phone could be overcharging you because they haven’t even looked at your home. We consider this the approach of a lazy company. We value your trust in us, and will only charge you for the areas in need of our exclusion services.


Does the square footage of the building impact the cost of a rodent exclusion?

No. We charge per rodent exclusion item; this way, we can provide a fair and accurate assessment of your building, whether you have a sprawling 5000 sq. ft. estate, a 100,000 sq. ft. commercial building, a single wide mobile home, or a single mobile home shed.

Why doesn't Rodent Solutions perform rodent trapping before the rodent exclusion?

Trapping before you perform rodent exclusion on a home needlessly delays the exclusion process and the job’s completion. It also raises the cost because you are now trapping before and after the exclusion, resulting in extra trap checks.


We have to trap the rodents after we seal the building because no matter how many rodents you trapped before the exclusion, more rodents can continue to walk right in. Trapping prior to exclusion work is a poor practice recommended by some dishonest companies to run up your rodent trapping bill when it isn’t needed.

Why do rats/mice die in my home?

Rodents most often die in attics or walls because the rodent has consumed poison. Depending on the poison used and the amount the rodent ingested, it can take five to seven days to work, so they have plenty of time to find their way into your attic before the poison causes the rodent’s death.


This scenario is another reason we recommend rodent exclusion for all homes. Even if you don’t have rodent poison outside of your home, your neighbor might, and rodents can easily eat the poison in your neighbor’s bait stations, then find their way into your home to die.

How do I prevent a rat/mouse from dying in my attic?

Have Rodent Solutions perform a rodent exclusion service on your home.

Can you provide rat/mouse trapping without exclusion work?

We can trap without exclusion services, but we do not recommend it. This is because rodents tend to be “neophobic,” meaning they have an extreme dislike of anything new or unfamiliar, including food.


The rodent was eating something it was comfortable with before we started trapping. If you trap without a rodent exclusion, rodents still have that familiar food source, and because they can still get in, others will return. So, trapping could go on without an end.


When you perform an exclusion, rodent trapping goes quickly because no new rodents can get in. Any rodents trapped inside when you seal the home come to the traps quickly because there’s nothing for them to eat in the attic except the bait in our traps.

How do rodents get on my roof?

Rodents are excellent climbers and are the main rodent to invade buildings in our area. Roof rats have an extra pad on their feet, so they’re better adapted for climbing onto your roof, hence their name. They have no problem climbing walls, pool cage screens, and trees growing near the roof. They can jump several feet, so even if the tree isn’t touching the roof, they can still easily reach it.

Does Rodent Solutions have payment plans?

We do offer a short-term payment plan. We require 50% down and a credit card on file. We will charge the final amounts in two equal payments every 30 days from the project’s commencement. This fee is 10% of the job’s price and a $20 convenience fee.

Why do all your techs have a construction background?

We require our techs to have a construction background because, without it, the training time is amplified while we teach construction basics. It’s also much more difficult to know where the openings would be on a building without a thorough understanding of the building’s construction.


Furthermore, improperly installed rodent exclusion methods can cause a roof leak, become a fire hazard, or be an eyesore. To be a top-notch rodent exclusion technician, you have to understand construction and rodents. We can teach a construction-minded employee about rodents much more easily than teach a pest control technician about construction; this is one of the biggest differences between us and the “big box” pest control companies of the world.

I've read that bats are protected, so how are you going to get them out?

Rodent Solution’s team is highly trained at “excluding bats” from your home in manners that are approved by the Florida Department of Agriculture. Hanging bat netting and/or installing bat cones are two common methods we may deploy to help you get back to being bat-free.

I've read that mothballs work to repel rats, should I try that?

You should never install mothballs in your attic to repel rats. Mothballs are not labeled for use with rats, so it’s actually illegal. If that’s not enough to deter you, mothballs are an airborne pesticide. You can only smell them because the manufacturers put a strong odor in them to make you leave. A rodent can easily navigate around mothballs. We have even seen rodents carry them from the attic to outside the home where they are entering.

Can rodents climb my walls?

Yes! Rats, mice, and of course, squirrels are fantastic climbers. We have even seen rats and mice climb the smooth walls of metal buildings.

Do ultrasonic devices work to repel mice and rats from my home?

NO! The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has taken action against several manufacturers because of false claims. Many of them have carefully reworded their product claims, so they were able to start selling their product again.

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