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Flies Pest Control

Flies are winged insects belonging to the order Diptera, which is made up of true flies, and means “two wings.” Unlike other insects, they have two pairs of wings instead of one. True flies make up one of the largest groups of insects. They live and breed all around the world and are both a nuisance and can be a threat.

Some of the most common flies Florida residents come into contact with include:
fly on wall general pest control

Moist or decaying organic materials are where most flies lay their eggs. This location puts them into direct contact with various strains of bacteria and pathogens. Before flying into our home, they have landed on things like garbage, carrion, excrement, and decaying vegetation. When they get into our homes and land on surfaces and our food, they contaminate both with things that can make people ill, including salmonellosis and dysentery. It’s important to keep flies out of your home.


Where exactly flies prefer to live depends on the species.

  • Fruit fly: The fruit fly species is most common during the late summer and fall seasons when plenty of decaying fruits and vegetables are consumed. They often find a way into our homes after we buy produce from the store that is already infested with fruit fly eggs or larvae.
  • Drain fly: As the name describes, these flies lay their eggs in the moist, decaying debris in sinks, tubs, and floor drains. They also become a problem behind walls near leaking water pipes.
  • Bottle fly: These flies are problematic in Florida as our hot weather allows them to thrive. They mainly live outside, and some of their favorite breeding sites include pet excrement and carrion. They often become problematic in a home where a mouse or other animal died behind its walls.
  • Soldier fly: These flies usually gather around animal waste and are most problematic on properties located near livestock.
  • Phorid fly: These flies live near and become a problem wherever there is a lot of moisture. Overwatered house plants, wet mops, leaky pipes, and decaying animal and plant matter allow phorid fly populations to thrive.

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