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Mice control won’t start on the top of your daily list of priorities, until you discover mice inside.  A mouse infestation can be very stressful to the occupants of a home or business if they find their way inside the home, walls, or attic. A mouse infestation can lead to damaged property from their gnawing, feces, urine and sebum trails, chewed wires, and holes in your AC ducts. Fortunately, at Rodent Solutions we are rodent specialists in mouse prevention, control, and removal and we can remedy a mouse infestation quickly.

There are many reasons why a mouse would choose to stay in your home, including finding safe harborage for nesting, mating, and a place to sleep. Mice inside your dwelling area are also looking for food. Anything that is not in a glass or metal container is at risk for a mouse to eat.

At Rodent Solutions, we have the necessary tools, materials, and skills to eliminate mice in your home permanently through improved construction methods. Our experts provide quick and effective mouse control & extermination services in BradentonSarasotaLakewood Ranch, and Parrish. So if you need reliable mouse control experts, the mouse control specialists at Rodent Solutions should be your only call.

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At Rodent Solutions have worked with mice for many years. As our name suggests, Rodents such as mice are the primary focus of our pest control company. Because of that, we know have a surplus of experience with mice including what it takes to keep them out and how they behave. With our professional mouse control and prevention services, you can rest assured that we will adhere to all applicable laws and regulations while implementing integrated pest management strategies (IPM). Our process focuses on keeping mice out of your home permanently allowing us to solve mouse infestations faster and with complete satisfaction. Below is a basic layout of our approach mouse control in your area.

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Property Inspection

We check for indicators of rodent activity as well as potential entryways on the inside and outside of your property.

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Sealing of Entry Points

We block all gaps and openings that mice might utilize to gain access to your home, preventing future mice infestations.

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Mice Trapping

We install a trapping system around your home to efficiently get rid of mice inside your living space.

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Decontamination of Infested Areas

We clean, sanitize, and neutralize areas that were contaminated by mice urine and feces around your home.

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Perform Property Inspection

We first verify the mice causing your issue. Then we identify entry points which need to be sealed to prevent the infestation from continuing.

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Seal Potential Entry Points

We perform a mice exclusion of all the entry points found on your building to prevent future mice infestations.

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Trap and Remove Mice

The day of the mice exclusion, we place traps in the infested area to quickly trap & remove any remaining mice.

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Decontaminate Infested Areas

If needed, we can also decontaminate, sanitize and/or cleanup the feces in your living area or attic. We offer several different options based on need.

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Rest Easy with Our Guarantee

We know mice can't beat our methods. With our Mice-Free Guarantee, in the unlikely event that we missed an area or a mice gets through our work, the repair of that area & removal is FREE!

Find Permanent Solutions to Mice Infestations with Our Mice Control Services

At Rodent Solutions, we genuinely understand the risks of mice infestation to you, your family, and your property. We will also provide you with a list of things you can do to help you, help yourself.  As experts in mice control, we ensure to provide quick and efficient solutions to get rid of your mice problems as quickly and effectively as possible. Backed by long years of experience in rat and mice control, we are NWCOA Rodent Standard Certified. Our Mice Control Specialists can guarantee the best mice control services in Bradenton, Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, and Parrish. Call us today for an inspection!

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Mice chew anything, from linens to wirings. Aside from that, they also carry numerous infectious zoonotic and deadly diseases, like hantavirus and leptospirosis. These transmissible diseases are easily spread through their urine and feces, putting you and your family at risk of life-threatening illnesses.

Due to these reasons and more, it’s imperative to address a mice problem as soon as possible. If you turn a blind eye to it and it turns into a full-blown mice infestation, you might face costly home repairs as well as an increase in the health risks from mice.

Once you notice signs of a mice infestation, such as droppings, scratching noises, strong smells, and nests, it’s best to call the best rodent exterminators near you, Rodent Solutions for a quick inspection.

Does having contact with a mouse make me immediately sick?

Certain mice may excrete microorganisms that cause disease or allergies when ingested, depending on the species. They have the potential to transmit harmful diseases as well.

What is the smallest size a mouse can squeeze in?

For a mouse, a 0.6cm opening is sufficient. To keep mice out of your house and avoid an infestation, making your home mouse-proof is essential.

Are mice more active at night?

If their nests are disrupted, mice can be active any time of the day. However, they are most likely active after sundown when they search for food, making it easier for homeowners to see them.

What do mice eat?

Mice can consume anything around your home. However, they usually like foods with high carb content, fruits, grains, seeds, and other vegetation, making them highly damaging for farm crops. They also eat insects and meat.

Get Rid of Mice with Our Mice Control Services in Bradenton, Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, and Parrish

Say goodbye to mouse infestations with Rodent Solutions’ mouse control services. Our rodent exclusion service to your home will control mice efficiently while addressing the underlying source of your mice issues quickly. Get in touch with us today to get started!