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Pantry Pest Control

A pantry pests is an insect that invades stored food products, and some damage fabric and other items made of animal products. Many pantry pests in Florida invade our homes and businesses to take advantage of the stored foods located inside.

Some of the most common pantry pests include:
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Pantry pests become a problem inside our homes because they provide them with the food sources they need to complete their life cycle. The most common way pantry pests find a way into our homes is inside stored products purchased from the store already infested with pantry pest larvae or eggs. Food packages that have tears or holes in them are most susceptible to an infestation of pantry pests. Some pantry pests also move inside our homes in used upholstered furniture, rugs, blankets, and other like items.

Sometimes adults enter homes and other structures on their own. Exterior lights around doors often attract moths and other pantry pests to the outside of your home. They then find a way inside through spaces around windows and doors or through torn screens.

They invade and contaminate many things, including items made of wool and leather and dry goods like flour, pancake mix, cereal, spices, dry pet food, birdseed, chocolate, and more.
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