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Any pest control professional can set a rat/mouse trap. We have the pest control and the construction skills to be able to pest proof your Sarasota, Parrish, or Bradenton, FL home to prevent rodents from being able to get inside your home in the first place with a thorough pest inspection. If you don't pest proof your home, you could be paying for trapping forever - with pest prevention we can avoid that outcome. The longer they are in there the more damage they are doing to your home's infrastructure with their chewing, gnawing, droppings, urine, fleas and other parasites they can carry.

We will gladly set up an aggressive rat/mouse trapping program. We always recommend letting us provide you with a free pest inspection and estimate to perform our guaranteed pest prevention services. The Institute of Food and Agricultural and The Department of Agriculture say "To be effective, rodent proofing must block ALL possible rodent entry points". This is important because during the two weeks after completing pest inspection and rodent proofing, rodents will continue to search for breaks in the rodent proofing.

Pest Prevention in Florida, Rodent Solutions Inc

What Makes Rodent Solutions Better Than Our Competitors?

Why Our Pest Inspection is More Valuable

  • Our Highly Trained Professionals Have Construction Experience
  • We Are State Licensed and Doubly Insured
  • Our Expert Wildlife Specialists are Experienced in Proper Removal
  • We Only Perform Professional Aesthetic Work
  • We Provide Thorough Explanations and Pictures of Our Solutions
  • We Receive Extensive Referrals Simply Because We Are The Best
  • We Do Not Subcontract - Our Professional Technicians Are Experts in All Areas
  • We Offer a Full One Year Guarantee Against Re-entry
  • We Do Not Use Poison Preventing Any Harmful Consequences

With the Rodents & Wildlife Inspection you are getting a great value. These rodents and wildlife can cause extensive and very expensive damage to your home or business. Call our pest control company for pest prevention services today in Bradenton, Florida!