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Racoon Removal in Bradenton, Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, and Parrish 

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You’ve found your place if you’re searching for wildlife control or raccoon removal in the Bradenton, Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, and Parrish areas. We are licensed wildlife trappers as well as a pest control company. While getting rid of raccoons can pose a challenge, we are up to the task.

Raccoons have everything needed to survive near your home or commercial facility: 

  • Raccoons have your trash or dumpster as sources of food. 
  • Pools and retention ponds allow them to wash their food or use for a watery bathroom facility (raccoons poop pools regularly).
  • Raccoons find shelter in your attic for their babies or as a safe haven from humans and other predators.

Raccoons are wild animals that love to push their way into attics for shelter. Attics are most commonly used by the mother raccoon looking and a safe place for their babies (kits). Removing raccoons from an attic or yard should only be done by a professional as then can become aggressive. 

Raccoons living in attics are especially dangerous because they quickly go on defense when you enter an attic with them.   An adult raccoon in an attic is often accompanied by a baby raccoon.

Raccoon Removal by Rodent Solutions

Having raccoons on your property can typically lead to raccoons getting inside the attic of your home. The process is typically straightforward. Below we will outline the typical raccoon removal process.

Most customers who find themselves with a raccoon, in their attic describe the sounds like a slow-moving child walking along. It is typically different from rodents that gnaw, chew, jump, play, and dash through the attic.

Raccoon Removal

It’s common for raccoons to attempt to live in attics. We typically start by looking outside the home before entering the attic. 

Raccoon access points are generally fairly noticeable as they will make a prominent entry point, typically in the house’s soffit. Once we find that evidence, that’s the first sign we are dealing with a raccoon. Finding hair, footprints, or feces is another indication.   

We typically install a trap at the entry point and another spot around the house.  This second trap attempts to catch the raccoon if it is outside the home when we arrive. The inspection commonly includes an inspection of the attic for raccoon poop or latrine areas. 

Raccoon trapping in a live trap is the most effective way to implement raccoon control. Once we have trapped the raccoon, we can provide repair services to the soffit and other entry points it damaged. 

Raccoon Removal

We provide an exclusion repair for the areas where the raccoon damaged the soffit or other locations. This will prevent rodents such as rats, mice, and squirrels from gaining entry where the raccoon made the opening.

After removing the raccoon, we may recommend a cleanup of the feces or an enzyme treatment. This service can help to reduce the likelihood of zoonotic diseases. This recommendation depends on the condition of the attic. 

Raccoons are known to carry a host of health risks. They can carry everything from the deadly raccoon roundworm to fleas that can hitch a ride in your attic on them.  

Your pets can also be at risk as raccoons are known to spread “canine distemper”. Most domestic pets are vaccinated against this, but you want to keep your animals as far away from raccoons as possible. Raccoons can also spread fleas to your pets, adding to their health risks.

There’s no benefit to having raccoons on your property. An important part of not attracting raccoons is to reduce the exterior sources of food. 

  • Always keep your garbage bags inside the cans and not laying out loosely. Keep your trash cans inside if possible. If not, ensure you have tight-fitting lids and secure them with a bungee cord or a ratchet strap. Some determined raccoons can navigate this, but the more difficult you make it, the better your chances.  
  • Raccoons are known for stealing pet food. Keeping your pet food on a patio is an invitation many raccoons and other wildlife just can’t resist. 

Don’t allow the internet to suck you in with stories of quick fixes and magical products to keep them away. 

  • Raccoon Repellent for your yard is fake news.  They are just old wives’ tales. There is a secret to removing them from confined spaces. That’s an industry secret that we save for a last resort, but it isn’t for use around the outside. 
  • Another Common myth is that raccoons seen during the day have rabies. You never want to take a chance of interacting with them if you can avoid it. If a raccoon is forced to leave its home, it has to go somewhere, right? That wouldn’t necessarily make it

Rodent Solutions Can Quickly Remove Raccoons

You shouldn’t delay calling us if you hear noises in your attic. When compared to the damage they can do inside your attic, Raccoon removal costs just don’t come close to comparing. We can quickly make an appointment to inspect your home. Once we know more about your particular situation, we will provide you with a custom plan for your specific situation.