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Snake Repellent - The scent of our snake repellent works by temporarily disrupting a snake's sensory receptors known as the Jacobson's Organ (auxiliary olfactory sense organ). This disorientation causes the snake to slither away unharmed in search of fresh air. The only drawback to a snake repellent is that it cannot be used where small children or pets may be able to ingest it.

Snake Trapping & Removal - We have custom made "boxes" that are made to house extra large sticky traps so once a snake enters it he cannot go left or right to avoid the trap. Although snakes can recoil, they can not slither backwards. The box directs them onto the trap. Once they get on the sticky trap they must continue on forward getting their entire body caught on the trap.

When we come to your home, you simply let us know where you have been seeing snakes. We will also inspect your yard for snake burrows and other signs. As a team we will come up with the best positions to place the traps to capture your snakes. We can come out and check the trap, you can also easily check the trap from a safe distance. Some of our customers enjoy checking them. Every snake trapping program is tailored to fit your specific situation.

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