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Squirrels Pest Control

Squirrels Pest Control

Squirrels are a type of rodent, with the grey squirrel being one of the most common in our coverage areas of SarasotaBradentonLakewood Ranch, and Parrish. Two physical features of squirrels include constantly growing front incisors and a long bushy tail that helps them balance while moving from tree to tree. Squirrels have dark eyes, ears that stand up off the heads, and an elongated body covered in light gray, brown, or dark-reddish brown fur. The fur on their underbellies is usually lighter in color than the top of their bodies.

Although squirrels are not a “rat with a tail,” as some customers describe, they are classified in the same family and are scientifically considered rodents. A squirrel’s tail has several uses. The main use is for balance. If you ever watch a squirrel at play and their acrobatics, you’ll see the tail does this very effectively. In the event that a squirrel does fall, the tail is used much like a parachute. Their tail is also used as a blanket in the winter. The squirrel will also quickly flicker his tail to communicate with other squirrels. It is thought that the flickering is telling the other squirrels to stay away.

squirrel on a tree - squirrel pest control / rodent control parrish

Despite their name, flying squirrels don’t fly, but rather glide using a fold of skin found between the front and back limbs. Gray squirrels, on the other hand, move from tree to tree, tree to building, or from utility poles to wires by jumping.

Squirrels normally enter attics looking for a safe, comfortable place to start a family. Once that happens, the squirrel’s babies (which are called juveniles for the first year) will also make your attic their home, bringing food and other materials from outside into the attic to make their nesting areas. Some of the holes squirrels use to enter your attic will soon become an interstate for other rodents, such as rats and mice.

Squirrel Facts

  • Squirrels can get into any opening the size of a quarter. The limiting factor is the size of their skull. 
  • Squirrels can get into areas that even rats cannot because of the squirrel’s ability to climb, hang upside down, and be acrobats in general.
  • The squirrel in Florida will breed in fall and/or early spring.
  • The gestation period is about 45 days and litters contain 2-6 young.
  • The most common squirrel in our area is the eastern gray squirrel.
  • A squirrel can run 8 to 10 mph.
  • Squirrels are not carnivores and do not eat meat.
  • Squirrels can swim.
  • Most squirrels die within the first year. Once a squirrel survives the first year, it will normally live 5-6 years.
  • Squirrels do not hibernate.
  • The male squirrel has no hand in raising the babies. He leaves right after mating.

Squirrels are most dangerous when they decide to invade our houses. In our homes, squirrels, like other rodents, chew through essential things like wires, pipes, ducts, flooring, boxes, and more to help wear down their teeth. Their chewing habits may also lead to short circuits, fires, and water damage. Squirrels also damage things like insulation, drywall, stored clothing, and upholstered furniture.

Squirrels pose health risks to people. They contaminate food and surfaces with bacteria, pathogens, urine, and excrement. They also introduce disease-spreading parasites like fleas and ticks into our yards and homes.

Squirrels can do as much damage as a rat, however they do not leave near the amount of feces and urine to cleanup. Their teeth grow their entire life requiring them to chew to keep them filed down. Squirrels have to chew constantly to prevent their teeth from protruding outside of their mouth, leaving them unable to eat. A squirrel will chew on electrical wires, ducting from your ventilation fans, copper AC condensate lines, fascia, wood trim, and pretty much anything else in or on your home.

Squirrel noises in your Florida home or business can be very loud and irritating, keeping you awake at night wondering what is scratching around in your home’s attic. The chattering & scampering noises a squirrel makes can be extremely nerve-racking when it’s overhead or in the walls of your home. Squirrels have no problem living side by side with humans which is a standard trait of commensal rodents.

Do Not Hand-Feed Squirrels!

Squirrels normally have an abundance of food, so a human feeding them is not needed for survival. However, one thing that you should never do is hold a nut with your fingers for a squirrel to eat. A squirrel’s eyes are on the side of its head and it can’t see what is right in front of its mouth. A squirrel has strong, sharp jaws that easily slice through the shells of nuts. While biting at about six times a second, he will have no idea he’s about to accidentally bite clean through the meat of your finger all the way to the bone until he’s done it.


Properties near wooded areas and parks are a little more susceptible to squirrel infestations, however the Grey Squirrel is prolific in this area of Florida near Lakewood Ranch. Squirrels that decide to move into our homes place nests in the soffit, attics, or chimney normally close to the attic enterance. Squirrels are also familiar visitors to our garages, sheds, warehouses, and food storage and processing facilities. They hide, nest, and cause damage to things like storage boxes, lawnmowers, and cars.

If squirrels have become a problem on your Florida property, reach out to the professionals at Rodent Solutions. Specializing in rodent control, prevention, trapping, and removal services, trust us to protect your yard and home from squirrels. You can put your trust in our professionals and our effective squirrels pest control solutions.

Call Rodent Solutions today to eliminate problematic gray squirrels or flying squirrels from your property in Bradenton, FL, and the surrounding areas.

Our Effective 5-Step Squirrel Removal Plan

  • Perform a squirrels pest control inspection
  • Seal possible entries to your home/business
  • Trap and remove squirrels sealed inside
  • Remove and clean
  • Complete and explain your guarantee

Let’s Talk About Poison

Customers sometimes try to put poison in their attic to take care of their squirrel problem. “IF” a squirrel decides to dine on the poison (which is very rare), the squirrel may die in the attic.

Most poisons are an anticoagulant (prevents blood from clotting) causing the rat or mouse bleed to death internally. The dead rat or mouse will then leave an awful odor, potentially causing headaches, nausea, and general displeasure. This also causes large flies in the the home or business which is common as the rodent decomposes.

Pest-proofing your home is the only way to keep from having a squirrel infestation over and over again. We have humane ways to remove squirrels from your attic.

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