Why Choose Us?

Rodent Solutions Expert Technicians Have Rodent and Wildlife Removal and Construction Experience!

Our Highly Trained Professionals Have Construction Experience

We fully understand how homes are built and know how to repair them properly. Our trained professionals have backgrounds in construction with experience that is crucial in knowing how to effectively seal your home. As well as doing so without violating building codes or causing other issues while we improve your home. Our General Manager has a degree in Drafting and Design with a concentration in Residential Construction. Our lead fabricator has 6 years experience leading a roofing crew and our technicians have over 20 years experience in the construction industry. Unlike our competitors, we will send out employees with a lot more knowledge than how to set a rat/mouse trap.

We specialize in pest proofing against rat and mouse infestations. We are not a traditional pest control company - we handle rodents and wildlife. We guarantee no re-entry after our rat removal and rat proofing services are performed.

Rodent Solutions is a proud member of NWCOA. NWCOA, a nonprofit, professional trade association devoted to professional development of the Wildlife Damage Management Industry through the individual development of well educated, experienced, and dedicated wildlife control operators.

NWCOA has sought to promote and strengthen professional standards within the wildlife damage management industry. To this end, NWCOA has developed a professional certification program designed to evaluate the education and professional experience of wildlife control operators.

Present-day professional wildlife control operators have developed from many disciplines. Strict application of precisely defined certification criteria would be detrimental to the continued development of the profession these operators have built.

Wildlife Control in Florida, Rodent Solutions Inc

Our Expert Wildlife Specialists Are Experienced in Proper Removal.

Rodent Solutions is not a pest control company, we don't "also do wildlife". We specialize in rodent and wildlife prevention, trapping and removal in Sarasota, Bradenton, and the surroudning Florida areas. We leave little bugs (ants, cockroaches, etc.) to the companies who specialize in just pest control. If you have a rodent or wildlife problem, we are the company for you. It is important to use an experienced wildlife specialist to thoroughly handle your infestation. It could be costly if you hire a company who "also does wildlife"

We Are State Licensed and Double Insured.

While state law requires only the owner / operator who is overseeing employees to be licensed. Here at Rodent Solutions ALL of our professional technicians are Licensed by the Department of Agriculture to perform our services. We require ALL of our technicians to pass the Commercial Wildlife Licensing Requirements. We also carry twice the amount of state required insurance. Putting us a step above our competitors in knowledge and safety.

We Provide Thorough Explanations of Our Solutions

We offer a comprehensive inspection of your residential or commercial property in order to determine where rats, mice, or other rodents may be entering your home or business. During the walk through we will provide you with a detailed list of problem areas. After we have completed our assessment we will supply you with a solution to your problem, as well as a thorough plan, complete with suggested next steps. Our inspection process is designed to eliminate your problem completely. We have an extensive collection of graphics with similar solutions done to other customers' properties so you will know exactly what to expect. We create a customized plan for a solution that works for your specific need based on our in depth inspection to ensure the best possible result and customer experience.

We Only Perform Professional Aesthetic Work

Our work is not only aesthetically pleasing but extremely effective. We do not take the lazy route of using a can of yellow spray foam and fill holes. That process not only creates an eyesore, but the foam will also breakdown and is easily chewed through by rats, mice, or squirrels. We are incredibly thorough with our analysis so that you can rest easily knowing that any damage done to your property will be taken care of quickly and in a professional manner. We take pride in our workmanship and creativity in offering the best exclusion techniques in the area. We understand the value of a job well done and the importance of it to our customers.

We Do Not Subcontract Our Work

Our Professional Technicians Are Experts in All Area. We do not subcontract out repairs or trapping as some companies do. In addition to the initial inspection of the building, rodent proofing, and clean up, Rodent Solutions will repair the damage typically caused by rodents. If your have a rodent problem it is very likely that the interior of your residential or commercial property has been damaged. During your inspection we will examine the damages that have occurred and will provide you with a competitive repair estimate performed by our professionals. We are incredibly thorough with our analysis so that you can rest easy knowing that any damage done to your property will be taken care of quickly and in a professional manner.

We Receive Extensive Referrals - Simply Because We Are The Best

Rodent Solutions is the most recommended rodent control company in area. Realtors and other professionals recommend us first for your home's pre-sale pest inspection. We have an extensive list of referrals from satisfied customers and strive to earn your referral through our high quality services and excellent customer service. Read Reviews from satisfied customers.

We Do Not Use Poison

We do not use poisons as a solution, which prevents any harmful consequences. We will professionally seal your property which prevents the need for it. Using poison as a solution without sealing up your property causes rodents to make their way into your property and die leaving a horrible odor for weeks. The dangers of secondary poisoning to other animals, pets or children is not worth the risk. The United States Department of Agriculture recommends poisoning in only extreme cases when all other methods have failed.

We Offer a Full One Year Guarantee Against Re-entry

Rodent Solutions guarantees that after we clear your home of the target animal it will remain clear for one full year. If you suspect you still have a problem, a Rodent Solutions technician will come back, reinspect your home and perform any further work for FREE!