Ant Pest Control

The warm, humid weather in Florida allows many different types of insects to thrive, including ants. Ants are particularly problematic as their social nature causes them to live together in large groups and invade any property that provides them with sources of food and shelter.

Despite ants looking fairly similar in appearance, many species that live in Florida come with unique behaviors and nesting habits. In order to treat an invading ant species, they first must be properly identified. If ants are on your property, it’s best to work with a professional to eliminate them.

Some of the most problematic ants Floridians come across regularly include:

ant on wood pest control bradenton
Despite being a common pest, never ignore the presence of ants. Ants can be dangerous to both people and property. Carpenter ants cause damage to the structures of homes and other buildings by nesting within their structural wood. Pharaoh ants spread diseases that make people very ill and are a major problem inside of healthcare facilities. Fire ants are super aggressive and defend themselves and nests by delivering painful bites and stings. Fire ants do not usually nest inside structures, but they do damage electrical equipment. To protect your family and home from ants, be proactive and put a year-round pest control program in place to take care of a current infestation and stop them from returning in the future.
It is common to see ants crawling around near areas where food is present. In our homes, ants wander around kitchen floors and counters, near trash cans, and around other areas of your house where you eat and leave behind crumbs. Ants are also regularly seen traveling on walkways and sidewalks, in gardens, inside outdoor trash receptacles, and around pet dishes.
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