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Pest & Rodent Control In Sarasota & Bradenton

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Rodent Extermination Services

Bradenton, Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, and Parrish Rodent Exterminators

Rats and mice are unwelcome guests in both residential and commercial properties. These creatures are notorious for spreading harmful diseases and dirt wherever they go. In addition to causing significant damage to your property, they can also trigger allergic reactions that may put you, your loved ones, your employees, or your clients at risk.

At Rodent Solutions, our rodent exterminators are trained to identify areas of rodent activity and possible access ways so that they can establish an effective treatment plan that guarantees the best results. Our professional rodent and mouse control services will keep your house or office free of these pests all year long!

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Perform Property Inspection

We first verify the rodent causing your issue. Then we identify entry points which need to be sealed to prevent the infestation from continuing.

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Seal Potential Entry Points

We perform a rodent exclusion of all the entry points found on your building to prevent future rodent infestations.

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Trap and Remove Rodents

The day of the rodent exclusion, we place traps in the infested area to quickly trap & remove any remaining rodents.

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Decontaminate Infested Areas

If needed, we can also decontaminate, sanitize and/or cleanup the feces in your living area or attic. We offer several different options based on need.

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Rest Easy with Our Guarantee

We know rodents can't beat our methods. With our Rodent-Free Guarantee, in the unlikely event that we missed an area or a rodent gets through our work, the repair of that area & removal is FREE!

It can be challenging to determine a rodent infestation without knowing the specific signs you need to look out for, especially if you own a large building in general—regardless if it’s a residential or commercial property. So to prevent a full-blown rodent infestation, keep these general signs that you need a rodent extermination service.

  • Scratching sounds behind walls or roofs

    Scratching noises from the ceilings and walls are one of the most obvious signs of an early rodent infestation. If these scampering sounds happen at night, it’s best to call Rodent Solutions for an inspection.

  • Odd smells 

    Rodent urine usually has strong odors. If you notice strange, foul smells from the vents or walls, rats and mice have probably made a home on your property.

  • Droppings

    Rat and mice droppings are about the size of a grain of rice. If you notice piles of these small droppings, you definitely have a rodent infestation in your home or business.

  • Unusual pet behaviors
    Cats and dogs have increased sensitivity to sound and smell. If you notice that your pet is acting strangely, like pawing the spaces under your furniture or barking or meowing aggressively, call our rodent exterminators immediately for an inspection.

The Leading Rodent Exterminators in Bradenton, Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, and Parrish

Rodent Solutions is a trusted pest control company, and is home to the best rodent exterminators in Bradenton, Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, and Parrish. Our ability to provide quality service has helped us become one of the leading companies that both homeowners and business owners alike trust for their rodent problems. Call us today for a property inspection and estimate!

Rodent Solutions is not your typical pest control company. Our team’s expertise lies in rodent control and prevention, making us your best option for your rat and mice problems. Aside from that, we possess unique traits that most pest control companies do not have.

  • Long Years of Experience 

    Our rodent exterminators have handled numerous rat and mice infestations in residential and commercial properties, equipping them with different techniques and methods that guarantee results.

  • Reliability 

    You can rely on us to arrive at your doorstep on time for your scheduled service. We understand that life can be busy, that’s why we won’t waste your precious time waiting for us to arrive.

  • Humane Methods 

    Unlike other companies, we do not intend to harm rats and mice for the sake of getting rid of them. Instead, we utilize safe, humane ways of capturing and removing them from your property.

  • Lasting Results

    Don’t settle for quick fixes other rodent exterminators offer. Our team strives to provide long-lasting results that will keep rodents out of your property for good with our innovative tools and methods.

Rodents are known to spread harmful diseases to humans. The health risks have been well documented. Mice and rats feces, urine, their hair and dander cause a serious risk for food contamination, allergic reactions, and transmission of pathogens.

Don’t let rodent spread diseases impact your family’s health or your business operations. At Rodent Solutions, our exterminators are here to keep you safe from rodent infestations by providing permanent solutions to rat and mouse issues. We can also provide decontamination services (link to the decontamination page) after your rodent infestation if needed. If you have been experiencing any kind of rodent activity on your property, call the best rodent exterminator near you, Rodent Solutions.

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the Best Rodent Exterminator in Bradenton, Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, and Parrish

Any kind of rodent activity should not be ignored. If you’ve been noticing signs of rodent infestation in your home or business, don’t wait any further and call Rodent Solutions immediately. Regardless if it’s a small or a full-blown infestation, we’re the rodent experts you can rely on. Call us now!