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Bird Control Services

Bird Control Experts in Bradenton, Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, and Parrish

Bird Solutions is the pigeon and pest bird control division of our parent company, Rodent Solutions Inc. Our entire staff for both divisions is trained in bird prevention methods and techniques. We have several highly trained installers, so even the largest projects can be completed in a timely fashion to prevent lengthy interruptions to your day-to-day business. Although we may not be located near you, we travel on a regular basis throughout the state of Florida for large bird projects.

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We do not subcontract out the work as many other pest control companies do. All of the work will be performed by an employee of our company. Although most jobs are custom to each bird and pest control need, we have pictures available of our work for similar bird control projects once we have evaluated the needs. We are highly educated in bird control solutions and go above and beyond our state licensing requirements with extra training. We are an NWCOA Certified Bird Management Operator, a Certified Installer for “Bird Barrier,” as well as an Authorized Installer for Bird-B-Gone.

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Birds are interesting to watch, but when they choose your residential and commercial building as a nesting or roosting location, they become a nuisance. When nuisance birds (such as pigeons) spend time on or around your building, they can cause a variety of issues for your property. Bird droppings are acidic in nature and can cause structural damage. Pest birds like Pigeons also carry and transmit around 60 different viral diseases and over 40 different parasites that can potentially cause illnesses.

They are, by far, the most harmful of all the pests we deal with in terms of health risks. Pigeons are the most popular bird for which we receive control requests. Pigeons can reproduce up to six times a year, each time producing two eggs. Pigeons are resident birds who do not migrate, therefore unlike other birds, you will not get a break from pigeon problems. If a strong effort to suppress pigeons and their nesting isn’t done soon after the problem arises, the flock will rapidly grow.

Keeping pigeons and other birds off your residential and commercial property is important to prevent damage to your building, prevent risks to your loved ones, employees’ and customers’ health, and decrease revenue in the way of repairs and lost business. We provide a wide range of effective bird control solutions to prevent them from returning. Our bird control services are both effective and humane.

On the other hand, we are unable to provide bird control for the following protected birds:

It is essential to note that we are not veterinarians or trained bird rehabilitators. We do not have the training to help birds that have been injured, caught in a net or fishing line, or are otherwise distressed. We recommend contacting your local Fish and Wildlife Commission office for help with these issues.

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Say Goodbye to Unwanted Birds with the Preferred Bird Control Services

Getting pesky pigeons and other birds to stop using your residential property or commercial facility as their home and landing zone can seem like a difficult job, but Rodent Solutions makes it easy. We have several control methods at our disposal, and we have the experience necessary to develop a bird solutions plan that works for your unique situation. If pigeons or other pest birds are causing problems at your facility, contact us today!

We must do an inspection before providing pricing for our bird control services. The recommended actions will depend on the bird pressure (intensity of the issue) as well as the type of bird causing problems at your facility. Once those are evaluated, we can determine the best treatment option for your particular bird prevention situation. Control materials are very specific to each job so careful planning and measurements are needed. When there are areas that need to be inspected but are only accessible by a lift, we work with an airline pilot that also has his drone license from the FAA. This allows us to employ the drone for the inspection, without the upfront cost of a lift. This reduces the initial cost to you in order to obtain a proper inspection.

Keep Your Commercial Properties Clean and Safe With Our Humane Bird Solutions Throughout Florida.

Delaying a bird control plan can lead to high cleanup costs! Begin your control program today, and say goodbye to those stubborn birds making a complete mess on your property. At Bird Solutions, we guarantee to get rid of pigeons and other birds using a customized bird control plan, ensuring an efficient process that fit your needs and concerns.