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Fire Ant Control

Fire Ant Control in Lakewood Ranch, Bradenton, Sarasota, and Parrish

Fire Ant Control

Rodent Solutions’ pest control experts provide effective strategies to remove and prevent fire ant colonies on your property. We know how dangerous fire ants can be in Florida. We’re here to help you clear those infested areas so you can enjoy the outdoors worry free! 

Fire Ant Extermination Methods 

At Rodent Solutions, we use modern fire ant treatment techniques to kill ants. 


Using fire ant bait is the best way to solve the problem. We have a few different options depending on the scale of your level of concern and the situation. 

When using a bait treatment, the worker ants will be bring it back to the fire ant queen. Killing the queen will cause colony collapose. To get rid of fire ants on a large scale, we must take action with bait.

Choose our Total Fire Ant Control for fast and effective control of all fire ant colonies. This involves using a fertilizer spreader to treat the entire yard to give you the best possible control. Our Total Fire Control formula includes a few active ingredient with unique modes of action. 

It has a fast acting insecticide to kill fire ants currently present. 

It also has a long acting ingredient that stops new fire ant colonies from forming for at least 6 months. It also has added the added benefits of controling yard damaging mole crickets, fleas, ticks and other nuisance ants 

Mound Drench 

If you have a problem with only a few individual mounds, you may opt to select to have them treated individually. Individual mound treatments are can be applied with a service called “mound drench”. 

Opting for this service instead of our total fire ant control service will still produce great results in the areas we treat. However it might leave you open to fire ants appearing on other areas on your yard. 

Identifying Fire Ants in Florida 

Understanding your problem is the first step to successful prevent fire ants. Fire ant nests do well in Florida. They are reddish-brown or orange, aggressive, and build visible mound nests. Fire ants have a reputation for being very active. 

Fire ant mounds contain loose, sandy soil and usually occur in sunny, open areas such as lawns and gardens. Recognizing the signs of a fire ant infestation early on allows for prompt and effective action. 

In Florida, there are two species of fire ants. The most common is the red imported fire ant (RIFA ant), followed by the less common tropical or native fire ant. These two are similar, the only real difference is that red ants are a little lighter and more hairy than the RIFA ants

Fire Ant Control

Where are fire ants found? 

You can find fire ants in many places of our contry. They are most commonly found in the southern part of the United States. They typically prefer warm and sunny areas. These tiny reddish-brown ants build their homes in mounds made of loose soil, and you might spot them in your backyard, parks, or even along sidewalks. 

Fire ant nests can pop up in open spaces like lawns, gardens, and playgrounds, where they enjoy the sunlight. Keep an eye out for these ant mounds, as they’re a clear sign of fire ant activity. Sometimes, fire ants can even sneak into homes, searching for food or water. So, it’s important to be aware of where these little pests might appear and take steps to keep them away from our living spaces. 

Are Fire Ants Native to Florida? 

Fire ants are not native to Florida. The red imported fire ant is native to central South America. Humans brought over RIFA ants to the U.S. between 1933 and 1945. They believe someone first brought them into either Pensacola, Florida or Mobile, Alabama. 

Risks Posed by Fire Ants 

Beyond their painful stings, fire ants can pose serious risks to both humans and pets. In rare cases, fire ant stings can lead to a severe and sometimes fatal allergic reaction. Their colonies can have up to 500,000 ants, leading to extensive damage to lawns and gardens. Additionally, the aggressive nature of fire ants makes them a threat to local wildlife and pets if they come in contact. 

If you disturb the mound, they attack in swams injecting venum with their stingers resulting in immediate pain. For some, fire ant stings can lead to severe allergic reactions. including difficulty breathing, swelling, and even anaphylaxis, a life-threatening condition. 

Multiple stings can cause intense itching, swelling, and the formation of painful pustules. Scratching and leaving the sting sites open to the elements may cause infections. The potential health risks from fire ant stings should not be ingnored. 

Fire Ant Behavior 

Ants aggressively defend their nests and deliver painful stings. If you see plants, lawns, or electrical equipment damaged by fire ants, it’s important to deal with the problem quickly. Putting the problem off may lead to a bigger issue in the near future. 

Fire ants are good at causing harm, so swift action is necessary. Finding these signs early helps stop fire ants and protect your Florida home and outdoor areas. Acting quickly to control these pests is important.

Fire Ant Control

DIY Fire Ant Control Methods 

DIY methods for removing fire ants may only be effective temporarily. Fire ants build strong colonies that make them difficult to eradicate. Their resilience presents a challenge in permanently removing them. Store-bought products can harm the environment and not solve the problem, leading to pests coming back again. 

Professional pest control services like ours offer the expertise, experience, and advanced technologies needed for accurate assessment and targeted treatment. With eco-friendly solutions, professionals ensure complete fire ant removal, providing a long-term solution and peace of mind. Hiring professionals ensures a thorough and efficient process, saving time and reducing risks compared to doing it yourself. 

Do Fire Ants Bite, or Sting? 

BOTH! Fire ants use their mandibles to grip onto the skin and inject venom through their stingers, resulting in a painful sting. This venom contains toxins that can cause irritation, swelling, and allergic reactions in some individuals. 

Be Proactive! 

In Florida, where fire ant infestations are a common concern, proactive and effective pest control is essential. At Rodent Solutions, we work hard to keep your property free of fire ants with reliable, long-lasting solutions. Contact us today to control your ants.