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Mole Control

So let’s “dig deep” into the “underground world” of moles.  That’s just a little humor for you before we “dig” (I’m doing it again) into the problems moles can create.  We will also cover the mole pest control we offer at Rodent Solutions.   

If you’re reading this page, you are probably here because they are causing you damage.  My guess is you probably find nothing funny about moles and want them exterminated.  These tiny terrors are the bane of gardeners, landscapers, and residential homeowners.  Moles regularly wreak havoc on carefully cultivated spaces.  We often refer to them as miniature underground bulldozers.  

As a proud homeowner in Lakewood Ranch, you spend countless hours caring for your yard or thousands of dollars paying someone else to do it.  You take pride in it, and HOAs require a nice-looking, well-kept yard.  We are also homeowners, understand your frustration when you see the mole damage to your lawn, creating another dangerous hole for you or your family to step in. 

Mole Control Rodent Solutions Inc Lakewood-Ranch, Bradenton, Sarasota and Parrish,-Florida

Moles are small, burrowing mammals that can cause significant damage to lawns and gardens. They are commonly found Florida and can be a persistent problem for homeowners and landscapers.  This leads to a call to the exterminators at Rodent Solutions.  Our mole activity is typically reduced during winter in areas around Bradenton, Florida.  We start to receive calls for mole pest control in the early spring and throughout the rainy summer months.  

Moles are known for their powerful digging abilities and can tunnel through the soil at an astonishing rate.  One fact that many of our customers often find amazing is just how fast moles can tunnel.  These tiny speed demons can reach speeds up to 18 feet per hour! They are attracted to moist, well-drained, loose soil under your grass.  They will feed on worms, grubs, and other small creatures that live in the soil. They are well known to eat 80-100% of their body weight per day.  Moles have a toxin in their saliva that paralyzes earthworms and grubs, their primary food source.  

Moles are not rodents.  Moles are part of the Talpidae family.  This family includes a variety of other burrowing animals like shrews and voles. A mole’s body is shaped like a tight cylinder to help them glide through the dirt.  Their paddle-type feet have sharp claws designed for digging and moving dirt quickly as they search for food.  

Moles are architects of the underground and can make a mess of your yard as they shape the earth.  One of the first signs that you need mole pest control for your lawn in Bradenton is the appearance of molehills or mounds of soil in your lawn or garden. These mounds are created as the moles dig tunnels and push soil to the surface.  This damages your grass and leaves unsightly dirt mounds in their wake.  If moles run into a barrier such as a driveway or a sidewalk as they are digging, sometimes their path will follow it, leaving dirt up on the surface of the concrete.  Moles can also cause damage to plant roots and bulbs as they tunnel through the soil. This can result in stunted growth, yellowing leaves, and even death of the plants.  

Moles have tiny eyes and ears, protected by fur to prevent dirt from getting in.  Poor eyesight ensures that moles don’t get to enjoy the fruits of their labor as they ruin your lawn.  

Should you step on the molehill?  Well… Some of our customers report that stepping on a molehill gives them some satisfaction like they are destroying their home.  To a point, you are ruining some of its hard work.  However, the mole dug it once and can simply dig it again.  It may further tempt them to dig a new tunnel instead of using the old one.  As you’ll read below, there could be some unintended consequences if you aren’t careful.   

Mole Control Rodent Solutions Inc Lakewood-Ranch, Bradenton, Sarasota and Parrish,-Florida

Moles live under the ground and try to stay there.  Health risks from moles aren’t a concern unless you see one that may have been flooded above ground during heavy rains.  If you pick it up out of your yard and it’s not dead, you risk being scratched by their long sharp claws or bitten by their creepy mouth.  The real risk from moles is a trip-and-fall hazard in your yard.  The soil the moles push up can cause you to trip.  The softened dirt below has been known to cause feet to sink into the hole and trip.  Some homeowners have also been known to twist their ankles in the soft dirt.  People with smaller feet (children) tend to be more prone to these injuries. 

Our pest control for moles involves baiting their tunnels with bait shaped like a worm.  This revolutionary mole bait mimics the mole’s natural food – the earthworm. Plus, it contains special enhancers that attract moles.  When the mole returns and consumes the bait, the bait will dispense of the mole quickly, generally within 3-5 days.  7-10 days after the bait is installed, if no new mole activity is witnessed, you know the offending moles were successively “unalived”.  As a warning, there is no approved repellant for moles.  This includes gadgets and chemicals commonly sold online.  There is nothing natural or organic that is approved for mole control either.  Don’t let the internet fool you into falling for the trick natural remedy or gadget of the week.  Trapping for moles is not considered effective in our area as the soil isn’t solid enough in most cases to set off a trap.  There is also a potential danger to children and pets getting caught in the traps as they in the ground.  For those reasons, we opt to use poison worms instead of trapping. 

We provide mole pest control for yards at hundreds of residential homes each year.  Our mole pest control service is taught to our entire staff.  This allows us to dispatch a mole control expert to your home quickly, so there’s not a long lead time for service. Save yourself the time and aggravation of dealing with mole control yourself.  We know the proper products, handling procedures, and application methods to safely and effectively attack this underground nemesis.      

No matter if you’re a residential or a commercial pest control customer, we can handle your mole issue.  Moles can be a frustrating and costly problem.  If you’re looking for Mole Control Near You in Lakewood RanchSarasota, Bradenton, and Parrish, Florida. By calling Rodent Solutions at the first sign of a mole issue, you can help minimize damage to your lawn and garden.  We would be happy to show you the type of service that led us to over eleven years of Google 5-Star Ratings