dead animal removal in Florida, Rodent Solutions Inc

  1. Rodent Solutions will safely remove and dispose of the hazardous insulation and feces from your attic.
  2. Our decontamination specialist will fog your attic with an anti-bacterial enzyme spraying all areas in your attic. Our high powered equipment allows us to use this on your trusses, top side of your ceilings, the underside of your roof sheathing & everything else in the attic. Rodent Solution's process makes sure everything in your attic gets decontaminated and becomes odor free.
  3. We blow in new replacement insulation to a value of R-30 even if your previous insulation value was lower. Building codes require this, which is a bonus for your electric bill! Additional insulation may be blown in if you choose at additional cost.

How do I know if I need an attic restoration?

Attic Restorations are only needed in the case of a severe rat/mouse infestation or a raccoon infestation where the potentially deadly raccoon roundworm may be involved. Attic restoration can be very costly so we reserve our recommendations for these in only extreme cases.

The Good News!

We know, this sounds expensive, but Rodent Solutions has good news for you! Home owner's insurance almost always covers the expense of an attic restoration when the damage was done by raccoon. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) recognizes the extent of the damage that raccoon roundworm can cause. Many insurance adjusters have never worked a claim like this so our team educates & documents all the health risk information for the home owner's insurance company so they have all they need to approve the claim.

The key to knowing if we can get it covered is in the "exclusions" page of your policy. Every insurance policy we have come across has a rodent exclusion. Some of the newer ones are changing the wording to exclude damage from "animals" so the days of getting this covered by insurance is most likely coming to an end. Our manager will work with you & the insurance company every step of the way. We document the damage done to your home including the insulation, AC ducting, electrical wiring, staining to your ceiling & more. From filing the claim with you, to meeting with the adjuster, to presenting all evidence, to making sure they cut a check in reasonable amount of time. We work with you start to finish assuring you get your healthy home back.

Depending on the size of the attic, our expert wildlife & construction technicians can finish most restorations in 2-3 days. In most cases, you may remain in the home during the entire process.