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How Can I Find the Best Exterminators Near Me?

When you discover a bug or pest problem in your home or business, you want it addressed immediately. You’ll likely search for “exterminators near me” right away. Whether you have a pest infestation like ants, roaches, or other insects, or a larger problem like rats, bats, moles, raccoons, or armadillos you’ll want a strong rodent control or pest control service to handle the problem right away.

Exterminators Near Me

But what are you looking for? How will you know when you find it? While there are many factors to consider in choosing a pest control company, you often don’t feel like you have much time to conduct research!

For that very reason, we’ve compiled a list of important qualities in an exterminator that you can look for when securing treatment. With this list, you can be confident that your next phone call to an exterminator is also your last. Take a look at these common elements that make exterminators like Rodent Solutions, Inc. the best exterminators near me in the Bradenton, Sarasota, Parrish and Lakewood Ranch areas. 

Exterminator Cost 

All pests are not the same, and all pest exterminators near me are not the same, either. Since the cost of your services will depend on what kind of rodents or pests you have, how many pests, and the location of your pests, it’s important to request an initial inspection. For instance, the process for removing bats or rodents will differ greatly from the process for exterminating ants or roaches. 

 Exterminators Near Me

Pest and rodent extermination of any kind can become costly, especially if it’s discovered that you’re dealing with an heavy infestation. To save you time and money, find a qualified, licensed team of experts who will target your specific issue. They should seek to eliminate the immediate problem and prevent future issues. Depending on the type of pest, this could mean regular visits for preventative pesticide treatments, or structural safeguards such as an exclusion to prevent rodents or other wildlife from re-entering the premises. 

A word of caution: beware of someone from a different industry offering pest control services on the side (for example, a tree-trimming or landscaping service that offers do a quick spray of pesticides before they finish up for the day). Your best extermination services will come from qualified, licensed experts who can offer proof of their qualifications (such as licenses or certifications). 

A licensed exterminator should come to your home to assess the situation and give you a clear cost estimate before they begin. They should also check for entry points and be prepared to seal these so future infestations can’t happen. Remember that the services with the most value will include preventative measures in the future. 

Quality Exterminators Near Me

The best exterminators near me in the Bradenton/Sarasota area hold state-licenses and participate in regular education to keep up with industry standards. By requiring our employees to complete training classes at Pest Management University, we ensure you receive the highest quality services around.

 Exterminators Near Me

Not only are all of our exterminators fully licensed for pest control, wildlife, termites, bat and bird removal, we are also trained and certified in Zoonotic Disease Standards, meaning we are trained and equipped to identify diseases spread by different wildlife and know how to properly decontaminate them. 

Furthermore, all of our exterminators complete a rigorous in-house training program with certified pest control operators before we allow them into the field to work on your home or business. Plus, our certifications extend to the construction industry, where we bring decades of local knowledge and safety certifications to the extermination business.

Finally, we bring 12 years of 5-Star service, knowledge and award-winning industry know-how to your front door. When you call Rodent Solutions, Inc. to handle your extermination needs, you get the total package.  


At Rodent Solutions, Inc., we use reduced-risk products to keep you, your family, and pets safe and healthy. The EPA has clear guidelines regarding which pesticides and other pest control treatments are allowable and how to reduce your exposure to them. From fleas and ticks our pets can bring inside to roaches, ants and termites that threaten the structure of your home, choosing the safest and most effective pest control treatments is best left to the experts.

On the other hand, when you opt for a sub-par service to handle your pest control, you run the risk of repeat infestations, poor quality pesticides that can harm you or your family, and structural damage to your home or building. All of these will ultimately result in extra time and expense to you as you continue to deal with the fallout of poor service, products or practices. Instead, start with an extermination service that already follows all safety precautions and protocols the first time. 

We not only follow these practices carefully, we also ensure our technicians and exterminators reduce waste and use the safest measures known to protect your family and home. We want to protect everyone involved by choosing clean, safe pesticides and removing remains and droppings from the offending pests. In all pest control and extermination situations, we seek to ethically and remove unwanted pests from your premises without doing unnecessary damage…to you or the pests in question!

Reliability- Exterminators You Can Trust

Once you’ve engaged the services of a local exterminator and rid your home or business of the immediate pest issue, you’ve only solved half the problem. Pests in Florida are likely to return once the coast is clear, especially if they think they can get back inside. To prevent future infestations, long-term structural damage, and potential health risks, it’s important to choose an exterminator who will rid your premises of unwanted pests and ensure they don’t return in the future.

If your pest control service includes rodents, you’ll want to find a pest control company that specializes in rodent exclusion. This is the process of sealing all potential entry points like roof or wall gaps, pipes, vents and crawl spaces, with rodent-proof materials. If the rodents can’t come back, they can’t do further damage to the structure of your home or breed within your walls.

Rodent Solutions, Inc. offers a variety of options to prevent future pest issues, from rodent exclusions to physical trappings. We always trap and seal entry points ethically and in accordance with the building codes. Best of all, we’ll make sure your home becomes pest-free and stays that way. 


The quickest, most effective way to choose from your list of “best exterminators near me” will always be to ask the right questions of the right people. Rodent Solutions, Inc. stands by our guarantees and has top-rated exterminators in the Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch, Parrish and Sarasota areas for a reason: we check all the right boxes to make your family, home, and business safe and secure.  



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