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Mice Exterminator: We Offer Permanent Prevention

There are mice in my house!

Just like other pests in Florida, mice have a tendency to show up at the most inconvenient times. When you see one in your home or office, you run through all the questions as you start to problem-solve. How many more are there? How did they get in? Where is the nearest mice exterminator near me, and why aren’t they here already?

Mice Exterminator

You also might think about trying to catch or remove these rodents yourself. Here, we’ll explain why that’s a bad idea and offer permanent solutions that provide peace of mind. You’ll discover how to get the most value for your dollar to keep mice away for good. You’ll also see why it’s not smart to wait to address a mouse infestation in your home or office. 

The good news is, if you search for the “best mice exterminator near me,” you have access to one of the best pest control services in the Bradenton, Sarasota, Parrish, and Lakewood Ranch communities. Our pest management team is ready to help right away. At Rodent Solutions, we have years of experience as a rodent and pest control company. We will walk you through every step of the mouse extermination process. We’ll answer all your questions and provide you with quality service at a fair and reasonable price. 

When Should I Call an Exterminator For Mice?

The short, honest answer to this question is “immediately.” Don’t wait to see if mice will go away on their own (spoiler: they won’t). This isn’t the time to see if your cat is good for something like getting rid of mice (even if they are…do you want to clean up that mess?). Mice chew through everything that isn’t metal or glass, including electrical wires, drywall, and all of your food containers. They can squeeze into the smallest spaces, traveling unseen through your home’s walls or attic for a long time. 

Mice also leave their feces, urine, and sebum wherever they’ve been, including inside cabinets, on countertops, and near your food. In fact, your food might be a primary reason for mice being in your home at all. Mice typically look for cozy places to hide from predators, make nests for babies, and get a free meal. 

So as soon as you’re aware you have a mouse problem, it’s time to make a phone call. Who knows how many more are tucked away within the smallest corners of your home? A professional mouse exterminator will identify signs of mice, like footprints in dust, evidence of chewing, and probable entry points. These trained mice removal services use clean, effective means of removing mice and rats from your space without causing harm. They also will make sure mice cannot return. 

What Does Mice Control Do?

Certified mice control services will visit your home or office right away to assess for signs of mouse infestations, mouse droppings, and damage caused by mice. They’ll also look for possible entry points and perform a mice extraction. This is the process by which mice are able to leave the dwelling but won’t be able to return. 

Rodent Solutions, Inc. has many years of experience with mice. Our mice control services go beyond just setting mouse traps or some glue traps. We seal any spaces where mice might try to re-enter using a process called a rodent exclusion. We install rodent-proof materials at all entry points and, when necessary, perform decontamination procedures. We’ll create a personalized treatment plan for your specific situation. We always use the correct safety equipment to protect you from potential diseases like Hantavirus and Leptospirosis.

If poison is required to remove mice or other rodents from the exterior of your premises, we will evaluate these conditions first and discuss this option with you. We always use bait stations (for mice) that ensure the chemicals used are kept safely away from your children and pets. 

Is It Worth Paying For Pest Control for Mice?

Mice Exterminator

Absolutely! A rodent control expert for mice is worth the money! Too much time, not to mention money can be wasted on Do-It-Yourself attempts. Most DIY methods include means of driving mice from your dwelling, either with strong smell scents or obnoxious noises. These may work temporarily but will not be helpful long-term. Even snap traps which may seem easy to set, have a correct and incorrect way to be set. Most of these methods are just gimmicks designed to take your money!  

Herbal remedies like peppermint oil or mothballs are said to be strong enough to keep mice away from the place where the solution was placed. Unbearable sounds, like ultrasonic signals that mice supposedly hate, may drive them out of your home, but unfortunately, these can cause hearing damage to your other pets. The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has also demanded that the makers of many of these ultrasonic devices change their advertised claims because they could not back them up. 

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Even if these methods work for a while, mice will return when the offending odor or sound is gone unless entry points are sealed. They may even retreat deeper into your walls or attic until they feel safe to come out again. Finally, none of these methods are approved by the Department of Agriculture. All of the methods and products used by a professional service are. 

Don’t waste precious time and money trying to solve a problem you’re not truly equipped to solve alone. Call the experts you know have the certifications, training, and experience to handle your mouse infestation efficiently and permanently. 

How Much Does a Mice Exterminator Cost?

Mice Exterminator

The answer to this question is more complicated than just throwing out a number. Each area that needs to be sealed will add to the cost. Every home is different and will have its own unique quote. Chances are, the problem has been growing and will continue to grow until addressed. So calling sooner rather than later and hiring a professional will be less expensive. 

Secondly, a typical mice extraction can take a week or two to perform correctly and thoroughly. If we determine that you have a more extensive infestation, we may need to change to a more extended trapping program. This is determined during the initial inspection. During this time, you’ll be asked to seal all possible food sources, including pet food, so the only food mice can find bait on the traps. How well you remove food sources from your home will determine the speed, and ultimately the cost, of the exterminator. 

Another mice exterminator cost factor will be the amount of damage done by the mice within your home. If caught early, hopefully, they have not yet chewed through your home’s building materials, and few repairs will be required. Again, calling sooner rather than later to create a pest control plan for your specific situation is your best means of keeping your costs low. 

Finding mice in and around your home or office is no fun. It can be a long, expensive process to remove mice if you try to take matters into your own hands first. However, if you call qualified mouse control experts like Rodent Solutions, Inc. immediately, your chances of catching mice quickly and early increase. We’ll also ensure that’s the last you’ll see mice in your space by sealing all entry points as a permanent fix. Give us a call and get back to living in a safe, mouse-free environment today!



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