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Pest Control Myths 

Rumors are constantly swirling in this world we live in.  People pass down stories, and the myths grow and grow over time.  Pest control myths are no different.  We are going to explore some common myths about pest control!  These tales have been passed down from generation to generation, and while some may seem silly, others are downright bizarre.  A few of them have a hint of truth to them, but most are nothing more than old wives’ tales.  Do exterminators and pest control companies have something to worry about?  Read on to find out.  

Pest control myths

Cucumbers Repel Cockroaches Myth

First, we have the classic tale of putting a cucumber slice in a room infested with cockroaches. According to this myth, the cockroaches will see the cucumber, think it’s a fellow giant roach, and run for the hills. I don’t know about you, but if I saw a giant cucumber in my living room, I’d probably run for the hills too!  There’s absolutely no proof to support this myth. 

Mothballs to Repel Rats & Mice

Next, we have the story of using mothballs to repel rats & mice. The theory goes that mice and rats hate the smell of mothballs and will avoid any area that’s been treated with them. While it’s true that mice don’t like the smell of mothballs, the truth is that the smell is so strong it can also harm humans.  Mothballs are an airborne insecticide, and the product off-gasses as it works.  They add the smell as a warning; otherwise, it’s odorless.  If you can smell it, the product is working on you.   It contains a product called 2,2-dichlorovinyl dimethyl phosphate, or DDVP.   It can be harmful to humans with too much exposure. Inhaling or ingesting DDVP can cause many problems, like headache, dizziness, nausea, and even respiratory failure.

Dryer Sheets for Mosquitoes

Then, there’s the tale of using dryer sheets to repel mosquitoes. The idea is that the strong scent of the dryer sheet will keep mosquitoes at bay. Unfortunately, this is just wishful thinking. Mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide and body heat, not the scent of laundry detergent. If you want to control mosquitos, you’ll need to contact us for our mosquito control service.

Mice and Rats Love Cheese, Right? 

 We have the classic tale of using cheese as bait for a rat or mouse.  They don’t prefer cheese as it’s hard on their digestive system.  Studies have shown that mice and rats actually prefer peanut butter as bait over cheese. Here at Rodent Solutions, we use a custom bait with pure peanut oil added after we perform a rodent exclusion and start the trapping process.  If cheese worked better, we would use it.  If you’re trying rat or mouse trapping yourself, skip the cheese and go straight for the PB!

A Penny in Water Repels Flies

Now to the classic tale of using a penny to repel flies and gnats. According to this tale, hanging a bag of water with a penny will keep flies away. Supposedly, the reflection of the penny in the water creates a prism effect that confuses the flies and makes them think it’s a spider’s web. While I’m all for confusing flies, this is not based on reality.  Pest control treatment for flies and good sanitation are the two best ways to get rid of flies.

Peppermint Repels… Everything? 

Seriously, people love this one.  People have a theory that peppermint repels pretty much everything!  Rats, mice, roaches, ants, and more.  Then there’s the story of using peppermint oil to repel spiders. The idea is that spiders hate the smell of peppermint, so if you spray it around your house, they’ll pack their bags and move on. While it’s true that spiders don’t like strong smells, I’m not sure they’ll be scared away by a little bit of peppermint.  There’s no proof that peppermint works to repel anything.  

Vinegar to Repel Ants. 

Supposedly, spraying vinegar around your home will create a barrier that ants won’t cross. While vinegar can be a suitable cleaning agent, this absolutely will not work at all for ants.  If vinegar worked for ants, a chemical company would have bottled it and rebranded it as a repellent pesticide.  Integrated pest management principles, including habitat modification, sanitation, and bi-monthly preventative pest control service, are the best way to prevent ants. 

An Apple a Day Keeps the… Spider Away?   

Finally, there’s the story of using a hedge apple to repel spiders. According to this tale, placing a hedge apple in the corner of a room will keep spiders away. While hedge apples may look intimidating, no scientific evidence supports the idea that they repel spiders.

Pest Control Myths

Mostly Garbage Advice

So there you have it, some common myths about pest control. While these tales may sound like fun, it’s always best to stick to proven pest control methods rather than relying on superstition.  As you try these unproven tactics, your pest control issue is multiplying. If you’re located in the SarasotaLakewood RanchBradenton, or Parrish, FL, areas, and you’re looking for help with pest controlrodent control, or mosquito control, we can help you with scientifically proven methods that work.  



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