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Fleas and Ticks Pest Control

Fleas and ticks are biting pests, and both will feed on the blood of people and animals. In Florida, and across the country, the most common type of flea we run into is the cat flea. In our area, one of the most common types of ticks we run into is the American dog tick. Despite their descriptive names, cat fleas and American dog ticks feed on various hosts, including dogs, cats, deer, foxes, mice, squirrels, rats, and many other wild animals.

Warm weather and plenty of moisture allow these pests to thrive, making Florida an ideal place to host large populations of fleas and ticks. They are commonly associated with people who own pets, but an infestation can happen in any yard, or home, whether pets are present or not.

Flea Tick Control - tick on hairy skin

These pests pose some dangers to both people and animals. Many people and animals are allergic to flea saliva and develop itchy rashes after being bitten. Fleas can also spread parasitic tapeworms to people, pets, and wild animals.

American dog ticks spread Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Tularemia. Due to the many hosts that ticks feed on, they are well-known for easily spreading diseases to both people and animals.

American Dog ticks live predominantly outside in areas with little or no tree cover, like grassy fields and yards. They also hang out along walkways and trails. American dog ticks cannot breed indoors and aren’t a significant threat inside our Florida homes. Fleas are a threat inside both inside our yards and homes. Fleas living in our homes often hide in rugs, upholstered furniture, bedding, between cracks in floors, and behind baseboards. Outside, fleas hide under piles of leaves, shrubs, woodpiles, mulch, or brush piles. Both fleas and ticks spend most of their lives on the backs of wild animal hosts. Ticks will attach themselves to and feed on any person or animal that brushes past them. While the flea’s preferred hosts are animals, in the case of a large infestation or if we are all that is available, they will feed on our blood.
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