We aggressively trap rats and mice, and keep them out! | We specialize in pest proofing against rat and mouse infestations in Sarasota and Bradenton, Florida. | We are not a traditional pest control company - we handle rodents & wildlife! | We guarantee no re-entry after our rat removal and rat proofing services are preformed

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Leave The Removal to The Experts

Leave The Removal to The Experts

Knowing more about these rodents may help the understanding of why it is so important to remove them, and to do so humanely.

  • Rats reproduce every 19-23 days and are ready to mate again in 2 days.
  • Rats typically have 7 litters a year. It takes little time to have a large scale rat infestation.
  • Mice reproduce slower and typically have 2 litters a year.
  • Rats and mice can bite up to six times a second. They have no problem with chewing into and through your AC ducting, electrical wires, TV cables or anything else in your attic or crawl space.
  • Rats can climb walls and even swim under water to get where they want to be.

On top of the sleepless nights rats and mice can also cause numerous long and short term health hazards (See our "Health Risks" page).

Rats and mice are a fact of life in Florida and most areas. If one rat or mouse got in then more can follow. Rat  and mouse removal and pest proofing your home is the only way to insure you do not have a rodent infestation again.

Rodents are basically incontinent. As they walk they dribble urine and leave droppings everywhere. All homes and businesses, even new ones, have potential entry points for rats and mice. Building a home to code does not mean that you are keeping rodents out. Rodent Solutions specializes in pest proofing local homes from rodents (rats, mice and squirrels) and other wildlife by using improved construction methods that are above and beyond any local building code.

Mice are fairly uncommon in the Sarasota / Bradenton area of Florida. If mice are spotted they are most commonly roof rats (fruit rats, black rats) and Norway rats. We commonly hear stories about rats that our customers have seen being of outrageous sizes which are typically overstated out of fear or the shock of seeing one. The largest rat in our area of Florida is the Norway rat. The heaviest the Norway rat ever reported was 1.8 lbs. Some rats, if provoked and cornered, will fight their way out of the confrontation as will many wild animals. It is rare for a rat to outwardly attack a human.

Young babies, bed-confined elders, and the homeless are occasionally bitten by unprovoked rats or mice. Most often, these individuals fall asleep with food residues on their hands or faces. Foraging rats or mice attempting to lick or chew the food residues off the sleeping individual will accidentally bite them.



  • The old wive's tale that rats and mice love cheese is false. They will eat it if there is nothing else but it is not a preferred food. At Rodent Solutions, we make our own special blend of bait that we have tested and found very effective and it does not include cheese.
  • There are no real life cats like in "Tom and Jerry" cartoons. A cat will not make it their goal to control your rodent population. They may kill them when they run across them, but adding more cats around your property will not remedy a rodent issue.
  • Mice do not "grow up" and become rats. Mice and rats are different species.


We do not use poison when dealing with a Florida rat or mouse infestation. The poison will often lead to the rodent dying in the attic causing the stench of rodent decay.

The old thought process of "the poison will make the rat/mouse leave to go find water" is not true.

Most poisons are an anticoagulant (prevents blood from clotting) causing the rat or mouse bleed to death internally. The dead rat or mouse will then leave an awful odor potentially causing headaches, nausea and general displeasure. This also causes large flies in the the home or business which is common as the rodent decomposes.

If poisoning the rat does work, it will only take care of the problem temporarily. New rats or mice will follow the path of the old rodents and enter your home again and again.