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How Much Does Pest Infestation Control Cost?

A common question is “How much does pest infestation control cost?” Most general household pest control services for bi-monthly treatments will cost $99-$129. This can depend on a few variables that we will address below.  

How much does pest infestation control cost?

“How much does it cost” is at the root of almost every service, not just pest control.  No matter what keyword search we look into, “how much does” is always one of the main questions.   Please remember while reading this that not all pest control companies determine their charges as we do.  We feel this works best for us at Rodent Solutions and provides our customers with the best value. The cost of our pest control services is designed to be competitively priced in the Lakewood Ranch, Sarasota, Bradenton, and Parrish, FL, areas. 

The Cost of Pest Control Vary

Our lowest-priced pest control service starts at $99 on a bi-monthly basis.  That includes treating the house with free retreatments for covered pests before the next scheduled treatment. The cost of pest control services will vary depending on a few items.  

      • The most significant item will be the size of the home.  Generally, the bigger the home, the more time it takes to perform our pest control service.  Also, the quantity of pest control products we need will increase.     

      • The condition of the home.  Homes with foundation issues, large amounts of wood rot, poorly fitting windows and doors, cast-iron plumbing, crawlspaces, and other fundamental construction issues with the home can allow for more pest infestations.  This can lead us to determine whether to adjust our charges.  

      • Overhanging trees and plants touching the home can cause repeat issues for you also.  We may request to have these cut back as a condition of treatment. Otherwise, the pricing of the pest control service could increase.  On the label of many of the most effective products, they are prohibited from being used more than 3ft above the ground.  

      • Homes with poor sanitation can make pest control more difficult.  Sanitation is at the root of most pest control issues.  This can be highly problematic in the kitchen. 

      • Pets… we will love our animals, but houses with pets can worsen pest infestations.  Most customers have 1-2 pets and keep their food area picked up.  This allows us to perform our pest control service as we would at any house.  However, we have customers with many pets, and others could do better keeping their pet feeding areas cleaned up.  This can make pest control services less effective as competing food sources exist.   

    What Do You Do During My Pest Control Treatment to Justify the Cost? 

    Our pest control services typically include the following:

    We want to talk to you to understand your issues before we start looking over your home.  This will help us to understand the pests you are currently concerned with.  Most likely, these pests led you to Rodent Solutions in the first place.

        • Once the initial complaints are understood, we will inspect inside and out so we have all the information needed to determine the proper pest control for your home.  

        • We will then make any recommendations from an IPM (Integrated pest management) perspective before we start any pest control or extermination.  Using IPM allows us to use pesticides judiciously. 

        • We will make the initial pest control treatment inside.  This typically includes a crack and crevice treatment.  Long gone are the days of spraying all the baseboards as a standard of practice. 

        • We will treat outside as we see fit.  This will include the foundation, wall, entryways, windowsills, and utilities running from the outside through the walls or up the soffit.  

        • We will also knock down nesting paper wasps or mud daubers.      

      All of these treatments are governed by our product’s label, exterior weather conditions, and the pests being treated for.  

      Can You Provide Your Pest Service  Cheaper?

      How much does pest infestation control cost?

      Most people want the best service for the lowest price possible.  We understand that, and we value your patronage.  Factored into our pricing is using the highest quality, reduced-risk (when possible) pest control products on the market.  We also hire and retain long-term, talented technicians that know the pesticides, pests, and the most effective way to treat them.  In this job market, that does not come cheaply.  We keep our pricing at a level that will help provide a quality service at a fair price without getting you to choose us because of a low price, then coming to you in a few months with a price increase. If we run our prices too low, we will have to compensate somehow, which is always done to the detriment of the customer.  Ultimately, it always ends up with the end product/service being of lower quality to the customer resulting in dissatisfaction.  That’s not what we want, and we doubt you want to be interviewing new a new pest control company every few months.  

      We have all 5-Star Google reviews that we value, and we were also awarded Nextdoor’s Favorite Pest Control Company in 2021 & 2022.  We have found the magic sauce to keeping our customers happy with effective treatment and fast service response time for a fair price.   

      What Types of Pests Do You Treat For ?

      Although rats are the most common pest we are called for, the intent of this article is about little bugs.  Below is a list of the most common complaints.  Of course, we can treat for more than these, though. 

          • Ants- Far and away, the most common pest control complaint. From fire ants to ghost ants, they are highly prolific in the Lakewood Ranch area of Florida.

          • Cockroaches- Does anything make your skin crawl more than seeing a cockroach? They aren’t as common as ants, however, knowing how to get rid of cockroaches quickly is important in this industry. 

          • Spiders- Nothing strikes fear into our customers more than seeing spiders

          • Silverfish– Although these pests don’t harm anything, customers can’t stand the sight of them and are always concern creeped out

          • Flies and gnats- That familiar “buzzzz” is exceptionally annoying while we go about our day at home.  Getting rid of flies takes a lot of detailed investigating to find the source of the issue so we can exterminate it once and for all. 

          • Pantry Pests – Weevils, beetles, and other pests which invade our cabinets and pantries are highly bothersome and damaging to our food. In food production facilities, this can be devastating to products.  

          • Plaster Bagworms– These are annoying creatures well known for littering the home’s exterior.  However, when we receive calls for a moth issue, this is most commonly the pest origin

        Additional Pest Control Services For Added Costs 

        On top of our treatments for general household insects and pests, we can also provide solutions to many additional pests. 

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          • Depending on your needs, we can provide rodent bait stations and rat birth control as a recurring services.

          • Our safe Mosquito Control services are becoming increasingly popular as customers become more aware of our options to reduce the population safely at their homes dramatically.

          • Bird Control Services (For large commercial projects only!)

        At Rodent Solutions, we are a competent, multitalented pest control company.   We are a locally owned small business with enough talent on our staff to compete with any large company in the pest control industry. We would love to be able to assist you with whatever pest you are dealing with. 



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