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Parrish, Florida Pest Control 

If you live in Parrish, FL, you’re among those who live in one of the fastest-growing communities in Florida. With easy access to beaches, cities and local businesses, this once-hidden farm town is becoming the newest area for growth. A new high school and planned communities are just a few aspects that draw new residents to the area. All this new construction and growth brings an immediate need for the best pest control Parrish, FL, has seen.

Pest Control Parrish FL

Rapid growth in any area demands aggressive pest control as insects, rodents, bats and other wildlife are displaced and seek shelter.  When a new neighborhood is planned, several acres of trees and shrubs are removed to clear the land for building. These once-homes for mice, rats, bats, raccoons, armadillos, and squirrels leave the animals homeless and seeking shelter. They’ll act quickly to move into existing shelters, even if they’re man-made. That’s when Parrish homeowners start to seek pest control services. 

Rodent Solutions, Inc, is here and ready to serve every home or business in this community through its growth. We are a local, home-grown business with 13 years experience. We understand the wide variety of pest control needs and wildlife control needed in Parrish communities. We can also provide commercial pest control services businesses located in Parrish. We’re ready to serve this expanding community by ridding homes of unwanted pests and wildlife. We’ll continue to protect your Parrish, FL home for years to come. 

Where is Parrish, FL?

Parrish, FL is located north of the Manatee River between U.S. 301 and State Road 62, just inland of the Gulf Coast. Marking the Manatee County side of the border to Hillsborough County, Parrish lies north and east of the coastal towns of Bradenton and Palmetto. Though new communities are cropping up regularly in the area, Parrish has maintained much of its original agrarian charm. Horse farms, barns and farm stores still dot the landscape as the historical side of Florida reveals its natural beauty. This has become an excellent site for new home construction, as land is less expensive yet homes are still accessible to everything: beaches, local restaurants and entertainment, and interstates traveling directly to Tampa or Orlando. 

Pest Control Parrish FL

Due to the overwhelming demand for new homes in this blooming area, pest control in Parrish, FL is becoming a necessity, and not an option. Our pest control services are essential to these homes and Rodent Solutions, Inc, is prepared to handle the new growth in this area. 

What Does Parrish, FL, have to offer?

Along with its natural beauty and unmatched accessibility to other areas, Parrish boasts the Florida Railroad Museum. This museum seeks to preserve Florida’s railroad history while providing a peek at times gone by. This gem of a resource still operates for weekend excursions and themed special events. Fort Hamer Park is an excellent spot for kayaking, picnicking or simply walking in Florida’s gorgeous surroundings. The Club at River Wilderness offers fine dining after a perfect day of golf with views unparalleled in the area. Plus it’s Paul Azinger’s favored course back in his heyday! For a more natural encounter with Florida’s historic charm, Parrish, FL, is unmatched.

How Big is Parrish, FL?

Parrish features nearly 300 square miles of unincorporated community close to everything you could possibly look for in a Florida city. With just about 34,000 people, Parrish boasts lower crime rates with larger home lots at more affordable prices than any of its surrounding communities. These are just a few of the reasons locals and out-of-state home buyers alike are relocating to Parrish. 

Pest Control Parrish FL

Pest Control in Parrish, FL

Like everywhere else in Florida, insects, spiders, roaches and flies are a fact of life in Parrish, Florida. Not only are they abundant in nature, they can and will easily find their way inside your home. When they do, they bring myriad germs, diseases and eggs with them. Once an infestation is established, it can be much more difficult to rid your home of these pests. As a rural community, Parrish, FL, is not immune to these critters. Regular inspection and prevention of insects are a must when keeping your Parrish home pest-free. 

Our employees arrive with our years of knowledge and thorough training under their belts. Our technicians mission is to rid your Parrish home of unwanted pests, rodents and other wildlife for good. Your home should not be an invitation to every bug or rodent in the neighborhood. With our recurring preventative pest control service, we can keep you protected from insects year round.    

If you are considering purchasing a home in the Parrish, FL community, call today for a free estimate on the services that matter most to you.  Let us help you establish a treatment plan that is environmentally friendly and provides peace of mind. Regular inspections and consistent treatments from an established pest control company like Rodent Solutions, Inc,  will help you maintain a healthy home. Now, you can truly enjoy country living near major cities- the best of both worlds. 



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